Math Faculty


Areas of Research

Mark Behrens   Algebraic Topology
Karsten Grove   Differential Geometry and Topology
Pavel Mnev   Mathematics Physics
Liviu Nicolaescu   Topology
Andrew Putman   Geometry, Topology, Group Theory, and Representation Theory
Marco Radeschi    
Christopher Schommer-Pries   Topology, Higher Category Theory, and Quantum Field Theory
Jay Shah   Algebraic Topology and Higher Category Theory
Stephan A. Stolz   Geometric and Algebraic Topology; Differential Geometry
Daniel Studenmund   Topology and Geometric Group Theory
Laurence R. Taylor   Geometric Topology, Algebraic K-theory, Surgery Theory and Algebraic Topology

Emeritus Faculty


Areas of Research

Francis X. Connolly   Differential and Algebraic Topology
John E. Derwent   Differential and Algebraic Topology
William G. Dwyer   Homotopy Theory

Advancing Our Vision: Topology and Quantum Field Theory


“Topology and Quantum Field Theory”

This is a new research group to explore the intersection of mathematics and physics, with a focus on faculty hires to help generate discoveries in quantum field theory that fuel progress in computer science, theoretical physics and topology. This group is led by Stephan Stolz, Rev. John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Chair in Mathematics.