Research in mathematical logic at the University of Notre Dame largely resides in two areas: computability theory and model theory. Computability theory concerns computability and complexity, often measured by Turing reducibility. Model theory at Notre Dame deals particularly with classification theory and o-minimality. 

Logic Graduate Courses

We have a 2 semester Basic Logic graduate course that we expect all graduate students interested in pursuing logic to attend. Currently this 2 semester course includes some set theory, both naïve and axiomatic, as well as model theory, up to Morley’s theorem and recursion (computability) theory.

Every semester there is a Topics in Math Logic graduate course. Various topics, both at an intermediate level and an advanced (research) level have been taught recently and will be taught again. These include, descriptive set theory, forcing, o-minimality,  model theory of valued fields, pseudofinite model theory, categorical logic, stability theory, continuous model theory, and theories without the independence property (NIP theories). 

Logic Seminar

The logic group runs a number of seminars including the logic seminar the model theory seminar, the computability seminar, and a number of informal seminars. View titles and abstracts of past, current, and future events.

ND Mathematical Logic Calendar (in a window by its self)

Mailing List

Weekly seminar announcements are sent using the mailing list mathlogic-list@nd.edu.  For details see https://groups.google.com/a/nd.edu/d/forum/mathlogic-list.

In addition to faculty from the math department, the Logic Research Group includes faculty from the philosophy department.

Regular Faculty

Visiting and Postdoctoral Faculty

Emeriti Faculty

Graduate Students

  • Nicolas Chavarria Gomez

  • Yayi Fu

  • David Meretzky

  • John Siratt

  • Fabrice Ulysse