Research in mathematical logic at the University of Notre Dame largely resides in two areas: computability theory and model theory. Computability theory concerns computability and complexity, often measured by Turing reducibility. Model theory at Notre Dame deals particularly with classification theory and o-minimality. 

Logic Seminar

The logic group runs a number of seminars including the logic seminar the model theory seminar, the computability seminar, and a number of informal seminars. View titles and abstracts of past, current, and future events.

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Mailing List

Weekly seminar announcements are sent using the mailing list mathlogic-list@nd.edu.  For details see https://groups.google.com/a/nd.edu/d/forum/mathlogic-list.

In addition to faculty from the math department, the Logic Research Group includes faculty from the philosophy department.

Regular Faculty

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Graduate Students

  • Rachael Alvir


  • Nicolas Chavarria Gomez

  • Yayi Fu

  • John Siratt

  • Fabrice Ulysse

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