Anand Pillay

Professor, William J. Hank Family


B.A. Oxford in Mathematics and Philosophy, 1973
M.Sc., London, in Pure Mathematics, 1974
Ph.D., London, Mathematics, 1978

Research Group


Research Area

Model theory


Research Statement

I work in model theory, a branch of mathematical logic. A central part of the subject is the classification of first order theories, where stability theory and its generalizations play an important role.  There are also applications of the methods and techniques to other areas of mathematics, including geometry, number theory, combinatorics, differential equations, and even aspects of computer science and "applied math”. 

Selected Publications

  • E. Hrushovski, Y. Peterzil and A. Pillay, Groups, measures and the NIP, Journal Amer. Math. Soc. 21 (2008), 563-595.
  • D. Bertrand and A. Pillay,  A Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem for semiabelian varieties over function fields, Journal Amer. Math. Soc., 23 (2010), 491-453.
  • E. Hrushovski and A. Pillay, On NIP and invariant measures, Journal of European Math. Society, 13 (2011), 1005-1061.
  • A. Pillay, The Picard-Vessiot theory, constrained cohomology, and linear differential algebraic groups, Journal Math. Pures et Applique, 108 (2017), 809 – 817.
  • G. Conant, A. Pillay and C. Terry,  Structure and regularity for subsets of groups with finite VC dimension, Journal of European Math. Society,  24 (2022), 583 – 621.

Phone: 574-631-8847
Fax: 574-631-6579
Office: 291 Hurley Bldg