Welcome to Department of Mathematics website.

This is a department with strong commitment from our faculty to research, teaching, and service. The department is fully committed to the university goal for becoming a pre-eminent research university. There are 38 T and R faculty in the department, 3 professors of the practice, and 4 postdoctoral faculty. Among these there are 9 ICM (International Congress of Mathematicians) speakers: Karsten Grove (1990, Maryland), Francois Ledrappier (1994, Ecole Polytech), Stephan Stolz (1994), Anand Pillay (1994), Bill Dwyer (1998), Matt Gursky (2006), Xiaobo Liu (2006), Sergei Starchenco (2010), Gabor Szekelyhidi (2014). Our faculty members have been very active and have received various honors – Anand Pillay (2001) and Karsten Grove (2013) were awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientists; Julia Knight is an honorary member of Siberian Branch of Russia Academy of Science (2004); Bill Dwyer has an honorary degree from Univ. of Warsaw (2007); Francois Ledrappier holds his regular position at Centre National de la Recherche Scientique (C.N.R.S.);  Qing Han is a “Chang Jiang chair professor” in China; Xiaobo Liu is a part-time  "Thousand People Plan" Chair Professor  at the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Stephan Stolz was awarded “Hirzebruch professorship” (a visiting chair) at Max-Planck Institute, Germany for Fall 2009. In 2012, five of our faculty members, Bill Dwyer, Julia Knight, Anand Pillay, Mei-Chi Shaw and Nancy Stanton, were elected into an inaugural class of the Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, two more, Karsten Grove and Matt Gursky became Fellows of the American Mathematical Society in 2014. Also in 2014, Sergei Starchenko won the Karp prize awarded every five years by the Association of Symbolic Logic.

Not only do we strive to be excellent in disciplinary research, but we also collaborate with other departments in interdisciplinary research: our faculty members have  joint projects with departments across the Colleges of Science and Engineering; there are joint efforts in mathematics finance between us and the College of Business; and there are joint programs between the logicians and the Department of Philosophy.

The premier training program in Math is NSF’s “Enhancing the Mathematical Sciences Workforce for the 21st Century” (EMSW21). The department  won two awards under EMSW21, the logic RTG (Research and Training Grant – the second time award), $1.1M, and the SUMR MCTP (Mentoring through Critical Transition Period) grant, $1.4M. The latter supported the SUMR (Seminar for Undergraduate Mathematical Research) program, whose participants and graduates won 50 national awards and fellowships in 20 years of the program existence. In 2014, the program founder, Frank Connolly, was awarded the inaugural
CUR-Goldwater Scholars Faculty Mentor award.

Our 2010 NRC S-ranking range is 10-27 out of 127 , one of the top 5 programs in Notre Dame. The 2014 US News and World Report ranks our graduate program 41 out of 173 schools, which puts us in the top quartile nationally. Our Logic program is ranked 3rd in the country.

The department is devoted to the university goal for offering an unsurpassed undergraduate education. Both regular and honors majors choose to go into Ph.D. studies, but the honors program is particularly successful in this regard. Just in recent years, its alumni were admitted into graduate programs at Princeton, Chicago, Columbia, Berkeley, Michigan (Mathematics), Cornell (Physics), Harvard (Law), Stanford (Economics), UPenn (Medicine), Yale (Finance) to name just a few. The department has produced many teaching award winners among its faculty members: this includes Shilts/Leonard teaching award winners: Pit-Mann Wong, Alex Himonas, Frank Connolly, Jeff Diller  and winners of many other teaching and advising awards (Joyce, Madden, Kaneb, Dockweiller).