At the University of Notre Dame, departments were not formed until 1920. The Department of Mathematics’ first chairman was Edward Maurus. He served from 1920-1937. Karl Menger then served from 1938-1946. Our third chairman was Arnold Ross, 1946-1963.

The graduate program in mathematics at Notre Dame was established in 1937 by Karl Menger. Prof. Menger had two graduate students. Joseph Landin (1946) and Mary van Straten (1947). The program was developed under the chairmanship of Arnold Ross.  Many well-known mathematicians spent time at Notre Dame during the 1950's, including the famously itinerant Paul Erdös who spent a year on the math department faculty.

Timothy O'Meara who came to the department in 1962 eventually rose to the position of provost, at Notre Dame under President Theodore Hesburgh. He played a large role in helping enhance the university's stature as a research institution.

The department has occupied several different buildings on campus, including (in order) Lafortune and Nieuwland Halls, the (now) Information Technology Center and, since 2001, Hayes-Healy/Hurley Hall.

For more information, see the History of Past Faculty