Mathematics Library

O. Timothy O'Meara Mathematics Library

The O’Meara Mathematics Library is located on the lower level of the Hesburgh Library. The Mathematics Library was opened in 2001, blessed by Fr. Hesburgh, C.S.C., in 2002, and named for Prof. O’Meara, mathematician and Notre Dame’s first lay provost, in 2008.

  • The O’Meara Library collects books on mathematics, applied mathematics, probability and statistics.
  • The books housed in the Mathematics Library are written for majors, graduate students and faculty; books for non-major undergraduates are in the Lower Level of the Hesburgh Library.
  • Journal articles are available electronically and are best found using the search engines Web of Science or MathSciNet.
  • Use interlibrary loan to quickly get articles or books the library doesn’t own.
  • If you’re having trouble learning any area of mathematics, use the tutors in the O’Meara Library. The mathematics librarian is also glad to help you.

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