The mathematics curriculum offers programs tailored for students interested in careers in life sciences, business administration, engineering and social science. We have a mathematics honors program for students who expect to do graduate work in a mathematical science or enter a career with a strong background in modern mathematics. Majors may write a thesis on a mathematical subject or a related interdisciplinary field.The Department of Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame provides students with rigorous mental discipline and unsurpassed imaginative stimulation. Our programs prepare students for graduate studies as well as a range of professional fields, including law, business, medicine and secondary education, where they will collaborate with other professionals.

The department has a longstanding and fast-growing commitment to undergraduate research. In addition to undergraduates’ research for course credit and participation in faculty research projects, the department has offered organized opportunities for students for more than 20 years and has significantly increased their availability in recent years.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Andrei Jorza
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Liviu Nicolaescu
Director of Undergraduate Honors Math Program

Borelli Teaching

Why Math?

The training and analytical skills acquired in studying mathematics are precisely what many companies and professional schools look for.

Why Major in Math?