• Honors Program: This program is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate work in one of the mathematical sciences.
  • Honors Program in Arts & Letters: This is a rigorous mathematics major program, in the College of Arts and Letters, which like the Honors Program is aimed at students with a more theoretical bent, and in particular at students who may want to pursue graduate study in mathematics.
  • Career Program: The career program is designed for students who want to use mathematics as a a tool in science or industry, and emphasizes problem-solving while still providing a grounding in theory.
  • Life Sciences Program: Majors in the life sciences program complete take 20 additional credit hours in biology and chemistry. The program satisfies the University’s recommended criteria for application to medical school.
  • Mathematics and Computing: Designed for those going into graduate study or industrial careers in computing science.
  • Mathematics Education Program: Majors in the education program complete 30 credit hours of education courses at St. Mary’s College
  • Business Administration Program: The program is designed to prepare students for a career in business or in the actuarial profession. In addition to courses in mathematics, the program includes course in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Management.
  • Mathematics and Engineering Science Program: for students interested in applied or industrial mathematics.

Supplementary/Dual Degrees

  • Mathematics as a Second Major Students may pursue a second major in mathematics by completing all mathematics courses required for the Career Program. In order to list mathematics as a second major on the transcript, the student must satisfy all of the requirement for a major in some other department of the University.
  • Supplementary Degree (MTH2): For students in Arts & Letters or Mendoza College of business. Requirements are all of the math courses in the Career Program in addition to the requirements of the students' primary major.


  • Actuarial Minor: This program is open to stuents in any major who are interested in pursuing a career as an actuary. Contact Sonja Mapes ( for more information.