Partial Differential Equations

Partial differential equations is a many-faceted subject.  Our understanding of the fundamental processes of the natural world is based to a large extent on partial differential equations.  Examples are the vibrations of solids, the flow of fluids, the diffusion of chemicals, the spread of heat, the interactions of photons and electrons, the radiation of electromagnetic waves. Today, partial differential equations have developed into a vast subject that interacts with many other branches of mathematics, such as complex analysis, differential geometry, harmonic analysis, probability, mathematical physics, and mathematical finance and economics.


Regular Faculty

Visiting and Postdoctoral Faculty

  • Kai-Wei Zhao

    Kenna Visiting Assistant Professor

    Differential geometry, partial differential equations, general relativity, geometric measure theory, and geometric flows.

Emeriti Faculty

Graduate Students

  • Carlos Madrid Padilla

  • Ilya Marchenko