Nancy Stanton

Emerita - Full


B.S., Stanford University, 1969
Ph.D., M.I.T., 1973

Research Groups

Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations

Research Area

Complex Geometry, Several Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations


Research Interests

My research interests are several complex variables, partial differential equations and differential geometry. The topics I have worked on include the spectral geometry of complex manifolds with boundaries and of CR manifolds and the local geometry of CR manifolds.

Selected Publications

  • Richard Beals and N.K. Stanton, Estimates on kernels for the -equation and the -Neumann problem, Math. Annalen 289 (1991), 73-83.
  • Spectral invariants of pseudoconformal monifolds, Proc. Symp. Pure Math., Vol. 54, Part 2, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, 1993, pp. 551-557.
  • Homogeneous real hypersurfaces, Mathematical Research Letters 2 (1995), 311-319.
  • Infestesimal CR automorphisms of real hypersurfaces, American J. Math. 118 (1996), 209-233.
  • Homogeneous CR submanifolds in C , Math. Z. 228 (1998), 247-253.

Phone: 574-631-7436
Fax: 574-631-6579
Office: 161 Hurley Bldg