Julia Knight

Emerita - Full


B.A., Utah State University, 1964
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1972

Research Group


Research Area

Logic and Computable Structure Theory


Research Interests

My interests are in Logic and Computable Structure Theory. Initially, my research was in model theory, focusing on models of arithmetic and infinitary logic. Gradually, my interests shifted to computability.  I am interested in the relationship between computability and definability in familiar kinds of mathematical structures:  groups, fields, linear orderings, etc.

Selected Publications

  •  J. F. Knight, A. Montalb\'{a}n, and N. Schweber, "Computable structures in generic extensions'', J.\ Symb.\ Logic, vol. 83(2016), pp. 814-832.

  • G. Igusa and J. F. Knight, "Comparing two versions of the reals using computability'', J. Symb. Logic, vol. 83(2016), pp. 1115-1123.

  • G. Igusa, J. F. Knight, and N. Schweber, `"Computing power of structures related to the field of real numbers'', J. Symb. Logic, vol. 82(2017), pp. 137-150.

  • U. Andrews and J. F. Knight, “Strongly minimal theories with computable models”, JEMS, vol. 20(2018), pp. 1561-1594. 

  • Ash, C. J. and J. F. Knight, Computable Structures and the Hyperarithmetical Hierarchy, . Elsevier, 2000.


Email: j1knight@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-6355
Fax: 574-631-6579
Office: 285 Hurley Bldg