Karsten Grove

Emeritus - Full


Cand. Scient., Aarhus University, 1971
Lic.Scient., Aarhus University, 1974

Research Groups

Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Topology

Research Area

Differential Geometry and Topology


Research Interests

Metric and Differential Geometry, Topology and Geometric Analysis.

Selected Publications

  • (with H. Karcher) How to conjugate C^1- close group actions, Math. Z. 132 (1973), 11-20
  • (with K. Shiohama) A generalized sphere theorem, Ann. of Math. 106 (1977), 201-211
  • (with S. Halperin) Contributions of rational homotopy theory to global problems in geometry, Publ. Math. de l’I.H.E.S. 56 (1982), 379-385
  • (with P. Petersen) Bounding homotopy types by geometry, Ann. of Math. 128 (1988), 195-206
  • (with F. Wilhelm) Metric constraints on exotic spheres via Alexandrov geometry, J. reine angew.Math (Crelle), 487 (1997), 201-217.
  • (with Burkhard Wilking and W. Ziller) Positively curved cohomogeneity one manifolds and 3-Sasakian geometry, J. Differential Geometry 78 (2008), 33-111.

Email: kgrove2@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-6641
Fax: 574-631-6579
Office: 278 Hurley Bldg