Senior G.E. Prize for Honors Mathematics Majors

A monetary gift from the General Electric Foundation, awarded to senior honors major in the Department of Mathematics who, in the opinion of the members of the faculty, excelled in mathematics in the senior year.

Year Winners
2023/2024 Gavin Dooley and Jonathan Pal
2022/2023 Ryan Christopher Lynch and Bailee Rene Zacovic
2021/2022 Andrew Burke
2020/2021 Alex Kokot, Ting Gong, Yuxin Lin
2019/2020 Love Osunnuga, Matthew Schoenbauer, and Mikhail Sweeney
2018/2019 Catherine Gallagher and Nicholas Lohr
2017/2018 Christian Hokaj, Patrick LeBlanc, and Paul Sweeney
2016/2017 Christian Gorski and Jeff Marino
2015/2016 Austin Rodgers and Jonathan Vandenburgh
2014/2015 Jack Burkart, Jacob Haley, and Xiao (Luciena) Xiao
2013/2014 Mitchell Faulk, Daniel Irvine, Michael MacGillivray, and Jonathan Sheperd