Dates and Schedule

  • This 5-week program runs from June 28th to July 31st
  • You will watch the content videos accompanied with exercises at your own pace to review and learn math concepts and then join real-time discussions with your coaches and your peers to digest learning content during the live sessions every week to master your learning.
  • For the weeks of July 5th to July 31st, participants meet on Tuesdays and Thursday for an hour in a small group with their coach.

Weekly Workflow

Weekly Workflow



  • We don’t give formal grades in ACSEND.  The idea is for you to build a community to assess yourself and see where you need to grow to be the best student you can be!  To help you in your assessment we have a couple of tools at your disposal to help with keeping track of your milestones along this journey.
    • Complete an Incoming Self Assessment (i.e. Diagnostics 1-4 in Mobius). 
    • Go through practice problem sets for each module in the adaptive Knewton Software.
    • Take timed progress checks (quizzes) after each module in Knewton
    • Take the Reflection Assessment after ASCEND concludes to see how much you grew and what you still need to work on!


Director of ASCEND Program

Brian Mulholland
Director of ASCEND Program