Research in mathematical logic at the University of Notre Dame largely resides in two areas: computability theory and model theory. Computability theory concerns computability and complexity, often measured by Turing reducibility. Model theory at Notre Dame deals particularly with classification theory and o-minimality. 

Logic Seminar

The logic group runs a number of seminars including the logic seminar  the model theory seminar, the computability seminar, and a number of informal seminars. (Logic seminar has two url's. One which includes past, current, and future events but not necessarily the title and abstract and one of past, current, and some future events with titles and abstracts.)

Logic Group

The faculty members of the Logic Group in the mathematics department include:

Postdocs and their interests in the logic program are listed below.

Graduate students and their advisors include:

  • Greg Cousins (Pillay)
  • Michael Haskel (Pillay)
  • Rose Weisshaar (Knight)

Visiting scholars include:

In addition to faculty from the math department, the Logic Research Group includes faculty from the philosophy department.


Recent Mathematical Logic Ph.D.'s

Below are recent logic Ph.D.'s along with their latest known job information.

  • Ambar Chowdhury, 1992, Buechler, working in business
  • Leefong Low, 1992, Pillay, National Teaching University (Singapore)
  • Zeljko Sokolovic, 1992, Pillay
  • Alan Vlach, 1993, Knight, St. Mary's College (Indiana)
  • Katrin Tent, 1994, Buechler, University of Muenster
  • John Thurder, 1994, Knight, Eastern Oregon State University
  • Grzegorz Michalski, 1996, Knight
  • Byunghan Kim, 1996, Pillay, Yonsei University, Korea
  • Alex McAllister, 1997, Knight, Center College
  • Colleen Hoover, 1999, Buechler, St Mary’s College (Indiana)
  • Stephen Walk, 1999, Cholak, Saint Cloud State
  • Charles McCoy, 2000, Cholak and Knight, University of Portland
  • Evgueni Vassiliev, 2001, Buechler, UIUC
  • Alexander Berenstein, 2002, Buechler, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
  • Andrew Arana, 2003 Ph.D. in the Joint Program in Mathematics and Philosophy, Knight and Detlefsen, Kansas State
  • Wesley Calvert, 2005, Knight, Murray State
  • Rebecca Weber, 2005, Cholak, Knitting in New Hampshire
  • Pantelis Eleftheriou, 2007,  Marie Curie fellow of the Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz, Germany (current)
  • Sara Quinn, 2008, Northwestern
  • Christina Maher, 2009, St. Vincent College
  • Josh Cole, 2010, Entered Seminary
  • Logan Axon, 2010, Gonzaga College
  • Prerna Juhlin (Bihani), 2010, Buechler, ABB HVDC (Sweden)
  • John Wallbaum, 2010
  • Sean Walsh, 2010, Birkbeck, London
  • Jacob Carson 2011, Knight
  • Donald Brower 2012, Buechler, University of Notre Dame Libraries
  • Sarah Cotter, 2012, Starchenko, Susquehanna Univeristy
  • Steve Flood, 2012, Cholak, Penn State University
  • Chris Porter, 2012, Cholak, International Postdoc, Paris, France
  • Demirhan Tunc, MS, 2007 (Starchenko)
  • Jesse Johnson, 2013 (Knight)
  • Graham Leach-Krouse, 2013  (Joint PHD in logic and philosophy (Larson), Kansas State
  • Steve VanDenDriessche, 2013 (Knight)
  • Georgios Poulios, 2013 (Starchenko)
  • Victor Ocasio Gonzalez 2014 (Knight) Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez
  • Quinn Culver 2015 (Cholak)