Research in mathematical logic at the University of Notre Dame largely resides in two areas: computability theory and model theory. Computability theory concerns computability and complexity, often measured by Turing reducibility. Model theory at Notre Dame deals particularly with classification theory and o-minimality. 

Logic Seminar

The logic group runs a number of seminars including the logic seminar  the model theory seminar, the computability seminar, and a number of informal seminars. (Logic seminar has two url's. One which includes past, current, and future events but not necessarily the title and abstract and one of past, current, and some future events with titles and abstracts.)

Logic Group

The faculty members of the Logic Group in the mathematics department include:

Peter Cholak      Computability theory
Julia F. Knight   Logic and Computable Structure Theory
Anand Pillay   Model theory
Sergei Starchenko   Model theory

Postdocs and their interests in the logic program are listed below.


In addition to faculty from the math department, the Logic Research Group includes faculty from the philosophy department.