MSIM Degree

"The requirements for earning an MSIM degree from the math department are as follows:

(1) Take at least 4 semesters of basic graduate courses in math (or place or test out of these courses).   See this link for information on basic courses.
(2) Find a math department adviser to direct the master's thesis.
(3) Apply for admission to the MSIM program  with approval from a faculty member in the student's own department.  
(4) Take 30 credits of Math or Math-related courses approved by the adviser and Math DGS.  At least 18 credits must be in the math department.
(5) Write a master's thesis.

      In general, it is a good idea to take the basic courses in the first two years and find an adviser and be accepted to the MSIM program by the beginning of the 3rd year, but this may not always be practical, and we have tried to make the rules flexible.    In particular, it's fine if you won't be able to take care of these until later in your time at ND.

       The 18 credits in the math department can include one or two directed readings courses with a faculty member in math.   

       For the 12 remaining credits, courses with a significant math content will likely be acceptable.   Contact the DGS to discuss
whether a course will be acceptable for this this program.

       The application  consists of a scan of a  Notre Dame course transcript, and  short letters (or emails) of support from the home department adviser and the projected math adviser."

Contact Info

Sam Evens

Professor of Mathematics
Director of Graduate Studies