Doctorates Awarded

Name Advisor Thesis Area Placement After Graduation Updated Placement Info Website
Richard Birkett Jeff Diller Algebraic Stability and Skew Products on the Berkovich Projective Line UIC Postdoc
Luan Doan Brian Hall Large-N Limit of the Segal-Bargman Transforms on the Spheres University of Connecticut, Teaching Professor Website
Eric Jovinelly Eric Riedl Geometric Manin's Conjecture for Fano Threefolds Currently a one year NSF postdoc at UIC: followed by a 3 year postdoc at Brown.
Nikolai Konovalov Mark Behrens Algebraic Goodwillie Spectral Sequence Fellow with Max Planck in Bonn, Germany
Daniel Soskin Misha Gekhtman Determinatal Inequalities for Totally Positive Matrices 1 year postdoc position with Lehigh University, then multi-year postdoc at Max Planck in Leipzig
Wern Yeen Yeong Eric Riedl Algebraic Hyperbolicityof Very General Hypersurfaces and Their Complements UCLA Postdoc
Ethan Addison Gábor Székelyhidi Generalizing Kähler Metrics of Poincaré Type Complex and Partial Differential Geometry
Rachael Alvir Julia Knight Scott Analysis of Countable Structures Logic
Luan Doan Brian Hall Large-N limit of the Segal-Bargmann transforms on the spheres
Zhao Gao Claudiu Raicu Cohomology of Line Bundles on the Incidence Correspondence Algebraic Geometry/Commutative Algebra
Jacob Landgraf Andrew Putman Spaces of Spheres and the Torelli Subgroup of Out(F_n) Topology
Doan Le Samuel Evens On the Coisotropic Subalgebras of a Complex Semisimple Lie Algebra Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
Sarah Petersen Mark Behrens Ravenel-Wilson Hopf ring methods in C_2-equivariant homotopy theory and the HF_2-homology of C_2-equivariant Eilenberg-MacLane spaces Topology Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Colorado - Boulder
Tim Campion Chris Schommer-Pries Free Duals and A New Universal Property for Stable Equivariant Homotopy Theory Johns Hopkins University, Postdoctoral Fellow
Shih-Kai Chiu Gabor Szekelyhidi On Calabi-Yau manifolds with maximal volume growth
Patrick Heslin Gerard Misiolek Two-Point Boundary Value Problems on Diffeomorphism Groups Dean’s Postdoctoral Scholar at Florida State University NUI fellowship at Maynooth University Website
Li Ling Ko Peter Cholak Towards finding a lattice that characterizes the omega^2-fickle recursively enumerable Turing degrees Ohio State University, Visiting Assistant Professor Website
Justin Miller Peter Cholak Intrinsic density, asymptotic computability, and stochasticity Dartmouth College, John Wesley Young Instructor in Mathematics Website
Samuel Pérez-Ayala Matt Gursky Extremal Eigenvalues For Conformally Covariant Operators Princeton University, Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer in Mathematics Website
Aaron Tyrrell Matt Gursky Renormalized Volume and Area University of Texas at Dallas, Research Associate Lecturer at Texas Tech - August 2022
Leo Jimenez Anand Pillay Internality in Families Model Theory Postdoc at Université Claude Bernard Postdoc at University of Waterloo - Canada
Yichao Li Qing Han Asymptotic expansions of solutions of the Yamabe equation isolated singular points
Jeremy Mann Stephan Stolz Applications of Factorization Homology to Riemannian Field Theories Fellowship, "Insight Health Data Fellows Program" Senior Data Scientist at ConcertAI - Oakland, California
Kathryn Mulholland Michael Gekhtman Generalized Cluster Structures Compatible with the Cremmer-Gervais Poisson Bracket on Rectangular Matrices Cluster Algebra University of Notre Dame, Mathematics Website
Laura Murray Stephan Stolz Equivariant factorization algebras: an /infty-operadic approach Assistant Professor, Providence College
José D. Pastrana Chiclana Gerard Misiolek Regularity properties of the solution map of the incompressible Euler equations Northwestern University, Instructional Postdoctoral Fellow
Mike Perlman Claudiu Raicu Equivariant D-modules on spaces of tensors and applications to local cohomology Queen's University (ON, Canada [Academic Year 20/21]) - Coleman Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen’s University University of Minnesota (Fall 2021)- Dunham Jackson Assistant Professor
Kostya Timchenko Sam Evens Characteristic cycles for K-orbits on Grassmannians
Lyda Urresta Katrina Barron On Generalizing the Partial Semi-Group of Punctured Spheres in Huang's Geometric Vertex Operator Algebra and the Algebraic Structures That Arise as a Consequence Vertex operator algebra, geometric vertex operator algebra College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Fangchi Yan Alex Himonas Well-posedness of higher dispersion KdV equation on the half-line Postdoctoral Research Assistant at West Virginia University
Greg Cousins Anand Pillay Some Model Theory of Fields and Differential Fields Asst. Professor at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
Jens Kjaer Mark Behrens The Homology of the Derivatives of the Identity Functor of Spaces Postdoc with the "Operads, Calculus, and Homotopy theory methods in Topology" (OCHoTop) project. (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Université de Lille (ULille)). Supply Network Planner at Freestar-People Ag - Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
Whitney Liske Claudia Polini On the Coordinate Ring of a Projection of the Degree Two Veronese Surface Assistant Professor at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA
Adam Moreno Karsten Grove The Alexandrov Geometry of Leaf Spaces "E.R. Hedrick Assistant Professor" (Postdoctoral) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Professor at Amherst College
Brian Mulholland Brian Hall Holomorphic Polar Coordinates and Segal-Bargmann Space Visiting Instructor at the University of Notre Dame
Danny Orton Misha Gekhtman Cluster Structures on the Afine Space of Rectangular Matrices Physicist at Peraton, Colorado Springs, CO
J.D. Quigley Mark Behrens Generalized Mahowald Invariants "H.C. Wang Assistant Professor" (Postdoctoral) at Cornell University.
Eric Wawerczyk Andrei Jorza Congruences Between Ordinary Symplectic Galois Representations Instructor, University of Miami
Rose Weisshaar Julia Knight Some Results in Computability Theory Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania
Cunlu Zhou Roxana Smarandache Entropy, Optimization and Coding Theory Postdoc at the University of Toronto
Erin Bela Juan Migliore Numerical Macaulification in Arbitrary Codimension Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra Assistant Professor, Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Phillip Jedlovec Mark Behrens Hopf Rings and the Ando-Hopkins-Strickland Theorem Santa Clara University, September 2018-present
Leandro Lichtenfelz Gerard Misiolek The Geometry of the Euler and the Navier-Stokes Equations PDE and Global Analysis Hans Rademacher Instructor, University of Pennsylvania
Dominic Culver Mark Behrens On the Cooperations Algebra for the Second Brown-Peterson Spectrum at the Prime 2 Algebraic Topology J.L. Doob Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute
Jennifer Garbett Stephan Stolz A Vertex Superalgebra via Spin Factorization Algebras with Point Defects Topology and Field Theories Asst. Professor, Lenoir-Rhyne University, North Carolina
Lien-Yung (Nyima) Kao F. Ledrappier Thermodynamic Formalism and Its Applications to Deformation Spaces Ergodic theory and dynamical systems L.E. Dickson Instructor, University of Chicago Website
Benjamin Lewis Brian Hall Quantization Commutes with Reduction on Compact Lie Groups under the Adjoint Action Mathematical physics Advanced Research Mathematician, NSA
Luis Saumell Sam Evens Perverse Sheaves and Hyperplane Arrangements Algebraic geometry Full Time Faculty, Instructor at Miami Dade College
Peter Ulrickson Stephan Stolz Oriented One-Dimensional Supersymmetric Euclidean Field Theories and K-Theory Topology and field theories Assistant Professor, The Catholic University of America Website
Nathan Vander Werf Katrina Barron Screening Operators for Lattice Vertex Operator Algebras and Resulting Constructions Mathematical physics Assistant Professor, The University of Nebraska at Kearney Website
Weijia Wang Matthew Dyer Closure Operator And Lattice Property of Root Systems Coxeter groups Research Associate, Sun Yat-sen University
Kathleen Ansaldi Claudia Polini Regularity of Tor, LCM-Duals, and Hilbert Functions Commutative algebra Visiting Assistant Professor, Kalamazoo College Byron K Trippet Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Wabash College
Edward Burkard Richard Hind First Steps in Homotopy Results for Symplectic Embeddings of Ellipsoids Symplectic topology Visiting Assistant Professor, Randolph-Macon College Visiting Assistant Professor, Denison University - Grandville, Ohio
Alexander Diaz-López Matthew Dyer Root Systems of Reflection Systems, and W-Graphs over Non-Commutative Algebras Coxeter groups Visiting Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Villanova University Website
Xumin Jiang Q. Han, K. Grove Boundary Expansions for Minimal Graphs in the Hyperbolic Space PDE and geometry Hill Assistant Professor at Rutgers University Peter M. Curran Visiting Assistant Professor at Fordham University Website
Jeffrey Madsen Claudia Polini Equations of Rees Algebras and Singularities of Rational Plane Curves Commutative algebra Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University Website
Douglas Smith Jeffrey Diller A Method for Estimating Entropy of Real Birational Maps with Constrained Critical Orbits Dynamical systems
Augusto Stoffel Stephan Stolz Supersymmetric Field Theories and Orbifold Cohomology Topology and field theories Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn Germany
Somayeh Vojdani Anand Pillay On Presburger Arithmetic, Nonstandard Finite Cyclic Groups, and Definable Compactifications Model theory and algebra Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Cortica - New York City, NY Data Scientist, Heraeus, Hanau Am Main Area, Germany
James Benn Gerard Misiolek The L^2 Geometry of the Symplectomorphism Group Global analysis Lecturer at Massey University, Taranaki, Wanganui & Manawatu, New Zealand
Quinn Culver Peter Cholak Topics in Algorithmic Randomness and Effective Probability Logic Visiting Lecturer, Fordham University Website
Timothy Ferdinands Matthew Dyer Groupoids with root systems in real vector spaces Coxeter groups Visiting Assistant Professor, Mercer University, Macon, GA Assistant Professor of Mathematics (tenure-track) Bethel College, Mishawaka, IN
Renato Ghini Bettiol Karsten Grove On different notions of positivity of curvature Differential geometry Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania Website
Justin Hilyard David Galvin Various Results on Enumerations of Graph Homomorphisms Graph theory Technical Services Representative, ADT, Epic Systems
John Holmes Alex Himonas The Cauchy Problem for Several Nonlinear Evolution Equations PDE Postdoc, Ohio State University
Ryan Thompson Alex Himonas The Cauchy Problem for the CH2 System PDE Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia Associate Professor, University of North Georgia Website
Xiaoyang Chen Karsten Grove Curvature and Riemannian Submersions Differential geometry Postdoc, University of Macau, China
John Harvey Karsten Grove Around Palais’ Covering Homotopy Theorem Topology and geometry Postdoctoral Associate, University of Munster, Germany Website
Santosh Kandel Stephan Stolz Examples of Riemannian Functorial Quantum Field Theory Topology and field theories Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Postdoctoral Researcher: University of Zurich
Nicole Kroeger Sam Evens Coisotropic Subalgebras of Complex Semisimple Lie Bialgebras Lie algebras Mathematics Instructor, South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics Mathematics Department Chair & Instructor, South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics Website
Yueh-Ju Lin Matthew Gursky Connected sum construction of constant Q-curvature manifolds in higher dimensions Differential geometry Postdoctoral Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Website
Han Liu Jeffrey Diller A Plane Rational Map with Chebyshev-like Dynamics Dynamical systems Seeking Employment
Victor Ocasio Gonzalez Julia Knight Computability in the Class of Real Closed Fields Logic Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Website
Georgios Poulios Sergei Starchenko Peterzil-Steinhorn subgroups of Real Algebraic Groups Model theory Greek Army
Tiancong Chen Qing Han Smooth Local Solutions to Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations PDE and geometry Visiting Assistant Professor, University California Santa Barbara Website
Melissa Davidson Alex Himonas Continuity Properties of the Solution Map for the Generalized Reduced Ostrovsky Equation PDE Michiana Venture Fellow, enFocus MVF Healthcare Data Analyst at Vaya Health Website
John A. Engbers David Galvin Some problems involving H-colorings of graphs Graph theory Assistant Professor, Marquette University Website
Katelyn Grayshan Alex Himonas Analysis of a Family of Shallow Water Waves PDE Department of Defense Website
Jesse Johnson Julia Knight Computable Model Theory for Uncountable Structures Logic Assistant Professor, Westfield State University Website
Gang Li Matthew Gursky Constant Q-Curvature Metrics Near the Hyperbolic Metric Differential geometry Postdoctoral position, Beijing International Center of Mathematical Research
Megan Patnott Juan Migliore Arithmetically Gorenstein sets of points on general surfaces in P3 Algebraic geometry Assistant Professor, Regis University Website
Martha Precup Samuel Evens Affine Pavings of Hessenberg Varieties for Semisimple Groups Lie groups Postdoctoral Associate, Baylor University Assistant Professor, Tenure Track at Washington University, St. Louis, MO (Fall 2018) Website
Steven VanDenDriessche Julia Knight Embedding Computable Infinitary Equivalence nto P-Groups Logic Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Saint Francis Admissions Data Analyst, University of Notre Dame Website
Youngho Yoon Nero Budur Spectrum of Hyperplane Arrangements in Four Variables Algebraic geometry Postdoc, Institute for Basic Science Researcher at Seoul National University
Bernadette Boyle Juan Migliore On the Unimodality of Pure O-Sequences Algebraic geometry Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart University Associate Professor, Sacred Heart University Website
Don Brower Steven Buechler Aspects of stability in simple theories Logic Digital Library Infrastructure Lead, University of Notre Dame Assistant Research Professor, Center for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame Website
Sarah G. Cotter Sergei Starchenko Characterizing forking in VC-minimal theories Model theory Assistant Professor of Education, Susquehanna University Website
Stephen Flood Peter Cholak Paths, trees, and the computational strength of some Ramsey-type theorems. Logic Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University, Boston, MA Website
Ryan Grady Stephan Stolz On Geometric Aspects of Topological Quantum Mechanics Topology and field theories Instructor and Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow, Boston University Assistant Professor at Montana State University, Bozeman Website
David Karapetyan Alex Himonas On the well-posedness of the hyperelastic rod equation PDE Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Rochester Engineering Manager (Machine Learning, Backend,BI/Frontend) at Zalando SE - Berlin, Germany
Christopher Porter Peter Cholak Mathematical and Philosophical Perspectives on Algorithmic Randomness Logic NSF International Research Fellow Assistant Professor at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Department of Math and Computer Science. Website
Brandon Rowekamp Liviu Nicolaescu Planar Pixelations and Shape Reconstruction Topology Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University
Jacob Carson Julia Knight Computational Complexity of Automatic Structures Logic Instructor, Radiological Technologies University VT Software Developer, Cook Systems International
Jian Huang Ge Jianguo Cao Low Dimension Soul Theorems Differential geometry Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Curtis Holliman Gerard Misiolek and Alex Himonas Continuity Properties of the Data-To-Solution Map for the Hunter-Saxton Equation PDE Department of Biostatics, University of Alabama at Birmingham Postdoc Associate Fellow, Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame Website
Olena Kulik Misha Gekhtman Mathematical physics Stay at home parent
Sean Walsh Peter Cholak and Detlefsen Arithmetical Knowledge and Arithmetical Definability: Four Studies Logic Associate Professor, UC Irvine, Logic and Philosophy of Science Website
Logan Axon Peter Cholak Algorithmically random closed sets and probability Logic Assistant Professor (will recieve tenure in 2017/18), Gonzaga University Website
Prerna Bihani Steven Buechler Fine Structure of Dependence in Superstable Theories of Finite Rank Logic System Engineer at TST, HVDC Senior Scientist, ABB Corporate Research Center, Germany
Joshua Cole Peter Cholak On the elementary theories of the Muchnik and Medvedev lattices of Π01classes Logic Seminarian, Archdiocese of Indianapolis Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas Website
Thomas Edgar Matthew Dyer Dominance and Regularity in Cortexter Groups Coxeter groups Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University Associate Professor, Pacific Lutheran University Website
Richard Gejji Mark Alber Using Continuous Limit Techniques and Stochastic Computational Modeling to Predict the Biological Behavior of Aggregating Cells Mathematical biology National Security Agency Software Developer, Novetta
Sujin Khomrutal Matthew Gursky Differential geometry Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Angela Kohlhaas Claudia Polini The core of an ideal and its relationship to the adjoint and coefficient ideals Commutative algebra Assistant Professor, Loras College Associate Professor, Loras College Website
Oleksandra Lyapina Samuel Evens The variety of Lagrangian subalgebras of real semisimple Lie algebras Lie algebras Research Associate, University of Hong Kong Student, Fo Guang University, Taiwan
Bonnie Smith Claudia Polini Cores of Monomial Ideals Commutative algebra University Research Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Kentucky Academic Assistant, Bucknell University, Department of Music Website
Gun Sunyeekhan E. Bruce Williams Equivariant Intersection Theory Topology Instructor, Kasetsart University, Thailand
John Wallbaum Julia Knight Computability of Algebraic Structures Logic Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University Assistant Professor, Eastern Mennonite University
Jianfeng Zhu Mark Alber and Y. Zhang Application of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for vertebrate limb pattern formation Applied math Associate Research Analyst, MCOB, University of Notre Dame Moved to China
Steven Broad Frederico Xavier Index formulas for higher order Loewner vector fields Differential geometry Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN Website
Daniel Cibotaru Liviu Nicolaescu Localization Formulae in odd K-theory Topology Postdoc, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil Associate Professor, Universidade Federal do Ceara, Brazil
Jonathan Hauenstein Andrew Sommese Regeneration, Local Dimension, and Applications in Numerical Algebraic Geometry Computational algebraic geometry Postdoc, Texas A&M University Assistant Chair, University of Notre Dame, Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics Website
Stacy Hoehn Bruce Williams The Moduli Space of Compact Fiber Bundle Structures on a Fibration Topology Postdoc, Vanderbilt University Associate Professor, Franklin College Website
Raymond Jensen Matthew Gursky Integral Boundary Invariants for Conformally Compact Einstein Manifolds and Generalizations Differential geometry Assistant Professor, Trine University, Indiana Instructor, Lake Michigan College Website
Christina Maher Julia Knight On Embeddings of Computable Structures, Classes of Structures and Computable Isomorphism Logic Assistant Professor, St. Vincent College Assistant Professor, Franciscan University of Steubenville Website
Matthew Rissler Mark Alber Stochastic Models of Collective Motion of Myxococcus xanthus Mathematical biology Assistant Professor, Loras College Associate Professor, Loras College Website
Panteleimon Eleftheriou Sergei Starchenko Groups Definable in Linear O-Minimal Structures Marie Curie research fellow (ModNet), Institute of Mathematics, University of Barcelona, Spain Research fellow of the Zukenftskolleg Website
Heather Hannah-Schlotthauer Alex Himonas Well-Posedness and Regularity for a Higher Order Periodic Mkdv Equation Math Instructor at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Website
Erika Olson Alex Himonas The initial value problem for two nonlinear evolution equations Webster Law Office, PLLC Instructor, Gonzoga University
Eduardo Cabral Balreira Frederico Xavier Detecting Invertibility from the Topology of the Pre-images of Hyperplanes Assistant Professor at Trinity University, San Antonio, TX Associate Professor at Trinity University, San Antonio, TX Website
Daniel Bates Andrew Sommese Theory and Applications in Numerical Algebraic Geometry Assistant Professor, Colorado State University Associate Professor, Colorado State University, Fort Collins Website
Florin Dumitrescu Stephan Stolz Superconnections and Parallel Transport Post Doc at Penn State Post Doc at University of Hamburg
Ryan Hutchinson Joachim Rosenthal Generic Properties of Convolutional Codes Tenure Track at Bemidji State, Minnesota Associate Professor, Hillsdale College Website
Jose Carmelo Interlando Joachim Rosenthal Toward a Theory of One-Way Functions via Gate Complexity of Boolean Functions. Instructor, San Diego State Professor of Mathematics, San Diego State Website
Christine Kelley Joachim Rosenthal Pseudocodewords, Expander Graphs, and the Algebraic Construction of Low-density Parity-check Codes Post Doc at Fields Institute, Canada Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Website
Ye Lu Andrew Sommese Finding all real solutions of polynomial systems Postdoc MIT (and PhD at MIT) Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong Website
D. Corbett Redden Stephan Stolz Canonical Metric Connections Associated to String Structures Post Doc at Stony Brook University, New York Associate Professor of Mathematics (tenure), Long Island University Website
Julia Bergner William Dwyer Three Models for the Homotopy Theory of Homotopy Theories Asst. Prof. at University of California at Riverside. Associate Professor, University of Virginia Website
Wesley Calvert Julia Knight Algebraic Structure and Computable Structure Assistant Professor, Mathematics at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Website
Jacob Heidenreich Steven Buechler Stability Theory Modulo a Predicate Visiting Professor, Grand Valley State University Associate Professor, Loras College, Iowa Website
Keith Hubbard Katrina Barron The notion of vertex operator coalgebra: a construction and geometric interpretation GIS Analyst, Technical Writer, James F. Ward & Associates Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas Website
Daniel Jackson Jeffrey Diller Birational maps of surfaces with invariant curves. Assistant Professor, University of Maine Associate Professor at University of Maine Website
Mario Maican Pit-Mann Wong Vector Bundles of Finite Order Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California at Riverside Researcher, Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
Elke Markert Stephan Stolz Connective 1-dimensional euclidean field theories Post Doc at Simons Center for Systems Biology at Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton (IAS) Research Fellow, The University of Glasgow Website
Andrew Arana Julia KnighMic Delefsen (Philosophy) Arithmetical investigations: a study of models of arithmetic and purity of methods Assistant Professor of Philosophy (3 year term), Stanford University Professor of Philosophy University of Lorraine, Nancy, France Website
Vesta Coufal Bruce Williams A Family Version of Lefschetz-Nielsen Fixed Point Theory Associate Professor, Gonzaga University Professor, Gonzaga University Website
Michael Dekker Stephan Stolz F03 Assistant Professor tenure track, Ferris State University Professor, Ferris State University Website
Elisa Gorla Juan Migliore Lifting Properties from the General Hyperplane Section of a Projective Scheme PostDoc at the University of Zurich until spring 2009. Fall 2009, (6 years) Swiss NSF Professorship at the University of Basel. Full Professor, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland Website
Jennifer Gorsky Alexander Himonas On the Cauchy Problem for a KdV-Type Equation on the Circle Assistant Professor tenure track, University of San Diego Associate Professor, University of San Diego Website
Guangyue Han Joachim Rosenthal Space Time Coding with Multiple Antenna Systems PostDoc (2 years), University of British Columbia Professor, University of Hong Kong Website
Phillip Harrington Mei-Chi Shaw Compactness and Subellipticity for the D-Bar Neumann Operator on Domains with Minimal Smoothness Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota Associate Professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Website
Marie (Audi) Kiskowski-Byrne Mark Alber Discrete Stochastic Models for Morphological Pattern Formation in Biology PostDoc (Assistant Research Professor), Vanderbilt University Associate Professor, University of South Alabama Website
Thanasak Mouktonglang Leonid Faybusovich Numerical Implementation of a Class of Infinite-Dimensional Primal-Dual Algorithms and Control Applications PostDoc, University of Notre Dame Assistant Professor, Chiang Mai University Website
Feride Tiglay Gerard Misiolek The Cauchy Problem for Two Nonlinear Evolution Equations Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans Assistant Professor, Ohio State University at Newark Website
Mihaela (MSAM) Vajiac Mark Alber Lecturer, Indiana University of South Bend Lecturer, Indiana University of South Bend
Rebecca Weber Peter Cholak A definable relation between c.e. sets and ideals Designer/Proprietor, Web Developer, King Arthur Flour Company Website
Peter Byers Alexander Himonas Post-Doc at the University of Notre Dame Tutor, Private Buisness
Vlad Chernysh
Gerard Maze Joachim Rosenthal Algebraic Methods for Constructing One-way Trapdoor Functions Post-Doc at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Part-time in the Institute of Mathematics, University of Zurich Website
Jonathan Alexander Berenstein Steven Buechler Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Assistant Professor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Website
Mark Buckles Juan Migliore Karen Chandler Associate Professor, Northeastern State University in Oklahoma Associate Professor, Northeastern State University in Oklahoma Website
Yu Chen, Yu Matthew Dyer Assistant Professor (tenure track), Idaho State University Professor, Idaho State University Website
Joshua Paul Lesperance Juan Migliore Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College, New York Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
Christopher J. Monico Joachim Rosenthal Postdoc Researcher, University of Notre Dame Associate Professor, Texas Tech University Website
Roxana Smarandache Joachim Rosenthal Assistant Professor, Sand DIego State University Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame Website
Evgueni Vassiliev Steven Buechler J.L. Doob Research Assistanrt Professor (postdoc), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Associate Professor, University of Newfoundland Website
Rebeka Arana (Jager) Leonid Faybusovich Lecturer at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bernard Badzioch Bill Dwyer Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, University at Buffalo Website
Karen Brown Matthew Dyer Visiting Assistant Professor, Grand Valley University, Michigan
Charles McCoy Peter Cholak Julia Knight VanVleck/VIGRE Assistant Professor Assistant Professor, University of Portland Website
Charles Miller Mark Alber Global Network Exploitation Analyst National Security Agency Principle Architect, Autonomous Vehicle Security, Cruise Automation
Brian Allen Joachim Rosenthal
Colleen Hoover Steve Buechler Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN Website
Dimitrios Kodokostas Larry Taylor Military Service
Laurentiu Lazarovici Brian Smyth Max Planck (Germany)
Stephen Walk Peter Cholak Assistant Professor, Saint Cloud State University Professor, Saint Cloud State University Website
Marian Anton Bill Dwyer Post Doc at Notre Dame 1998-1999 Max-Planck-Institut fur Mathematik (2000) 2002-2003 Tenure Track Visiting Assistant Professor, Centre College, Danville, KY
Wojciech Dorabiala Frank Connolly Post Doc at Notre Dame 1998-1999 Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University - Fall of 2000 Professor, Penn State Altoona Website
Laszlo Feher Stephan Stolz Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Eotvos University (Hungary)
Yamin Huang Bei Hu University of Chicago/Theology
Alexei Strounine Bill Dwyer 10/99 Bank in Richmond VA 10/02 Consulting Business, S&T Technologies
Paul Weiner Joachim Rosenthal Associate Professor (with tenure) at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Professor, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Website
Eun-Kyoung Jung Pit-Mann Wong
Alex McAllister Julia Knight Visiting Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College Professor, Centre College Website
Bodgan Vajiac Frank Connolly Max Zorn Assistant Professor at Indiana University of Bloomington Asstociate Professor, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame Website Website
Sophia Vassiliadou Mei-Chi Shaw Tenure-track Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, Maryland. Associate Professor, Georgetown University
Eric York, Eric Joachim Rosenthal National Security Agency
David Biewer Anand Pillay Visiting Assistant Marshall Univ. Current: Actuary for Fireman's Fund in Novato, CA Chef Financial Officer, Esurance
Yanghyun Byun Frank Connolly Returned to Korea Professor, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
Sandra DiRocco Andrew Sommese Postdoc, MIttag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm Head of Department of Mathematics, Full Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Website
Padmini K. Kamath Bruce Williams
Meeyoung Kim Andrew Sommese Fellowship, Michigan State University
Byunghan Kim Julia Knight Assistant Professor, Moore Instructorship at MIT Professor, Younsei University, South Korea Website
Grzegorz Michalski Julia Knight Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern Morris College Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern Morris College
John Sanderson Pit-Mann Wong Adjunct Professor, St. Thomas University, St. Paul
David Wraith Stephan Stolz Trinity College, Ireland Senior Lecturer, NUI Maynooth Website