Arthur Lim

Professor of the Practice


M.S., National University of Singapore, 1994
Ph.D., University of Utah, 2001

Research Group

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Research Area

Algebra and Representation Theory


"Here are the courses that I design and teach: "


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Math 10350 - Calculus A

Math 10360 - Calculus B

Math 20480 - Intro to Dynamical Systems for Scientist


Research Interests

I am equally passionate about mathematical research and pedagogy. My mathematical research interest lies in combinatorial matrix analysis and its applications.  I am currently investigating the connection between difference equations and the representation of Lie algebras using combinatorial methods.

Mathematics pedagogy to me is communication art. I enjoy explaining the technicalities of mathematics in the context of its history and development. Another aspect of my pedagogical interest is in designing mathematical exercises that encourage deeper thinking and learning.

Selected Publications

  • Cross-Market Integration and Sabotage, with Guo, Jiang, and Vakharia to appear in Production and Operations Management, 2019
  • Retail Clusters in Developing Economies, with Zhao, Guo, Ding and Song, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2018
  • Effects of Competition Among ISP and Content Providers on the Net Neutrality Debate, with Guo, Bandyopadhyay, Yang and Cheng, MIS Quarterly Vol. 41 No. 2, pp. 353-370/June 2017
  • On Product of Companion Matrices, with Jialing Dai, Linear Algebra Appl. ~435 (2011), no. 11, 2921-2935.
  • Approximating fourier Transformation of Orbital Integral, C.K. Arthur Lim, J. Math. Anal. Appl. ~296 (2004), 594-602.
  • Multi-resolution on Compact Groups, with Chen-Bo Zhu, Linear Algebra Appl. ~293 (1999), no. 1-3, 15-38.

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Fax: 574-631-6579
Office: 250 Hayes-Healy Bldg