Senior Thesis Archive

Name Thesis Title Advisor
Caitlyn Booms Homological Algebra of Monomial Ideals Claudiu Raicu
John Charters Classification of Semisimple Lie Algebras Dennis Snow, Antonio Delgado
Greg Greif Understanding Quantum Mechanical Systems with Spherical Symmetry via Representations of Lie Groups Brian C. Hall
Christian Hokaj p-adic Analysis and Rational Points on Curves Andrei Jorza
Benjamin Jany Sonja Mapes
Patrick LeBlanc Information Theory: Entropy, Markov Chains, and Huffman Coding Liviu Nicoleascu
Paul Sweeney Crofton Formulæ Liviu Nicolaescu
Matt Charnley Thermal Detection of Inaccessible Corrosion Nancy Stanton
Sean Meehan On the Topic of Ramsey Theory David Galvin
MurphyKate Montee On Characteristic Classes of Complex Vector Bundles Frank Connolly
Katherine Ritchey Linear Error Correcting Codes Dennis Snow
Edward Sanchez Equivalent Formulations of the Cayley-Bacharach Theorem for Points in Projective Space Claudia Polini
Vikram Saraph Index Sets of Computable Groups Julia Knight
James Schmidt Forcing in Algebra (E.C. Groups) Cameron Hill
Nick Seewald Entropy and Counting David Galvin
Edward Stivers Financial Applications of Partial Differential Equations Alex Himonas, Tom Cosimano