Traditional Fall Classes

Traditional Spring Classes

This is an UNOFFICIAL list of courses which are traditionally offered in the Fall semester.

Official information appears on Class Search ND, via the Office of the Registrar.

For a list of Undergraduate Math course descriptions, go to Mathematics Course Descriptions.

Undergraduate Level Classes

Level 1

Course Number Course Title
10120 Finite Mathematics
10250 Elements of Calculus I
10240 Principles of Calculus
10350 Calculus A
10360 Calculus B
10550 Calculus I
10850 Honors Calculus I


Honors Mathematics

Level 2

Course Number Course Title
20610 Linear Algebra
20630 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
20550 Calculus III
20580 Introduction to Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
20810 Honors Algebra I
20850 Honors Calculus III

Level 3

Course Number Course Title
30210 Introduction to Operations Research
30310 Coding Theory
30530 Introduction to Probability
30650 Differential Equations
30710 Algebra
30750 Analysis
30810 Honors Algebra III
30850 Honors Analysis I

Level 4

Course Number Course Title
40210 Basic Combinatorics
40390 Numerical Analysis
40510 Introduction Algebraic Geometry
40520 Theory of Numbers
40750 Partial Differential Equations
40760 Differential Geometry
40740 Topology
43900 Problem Solving in Math
46800 Undergraduate Reading
48900 Undergraduate Thesis

* It is common for most level 4 courses to be offered in a different semester than what is listed here.