Math Help Rooms

Our math help rooms are a great place to go to get your questions answered, but students are welcome to also just work there so that when they do have questions they are already in the right place. 

Math "Proofs" Bunker Help Room

This help room is suitable for students in courses that involve writing proofs (Math 10450, 10460, 10850, 10860, 13187, 20630, 20610, 20850, 20860, 20810, 20820, 30710, 30750, 30850, 30860, 30810, 30820 and any other upper level math courses).  It is located in the mathematics library and is open Sun-Thurs from 7pm to 9pm.  

Math Bunker Help Room - Fall 2019

Math Help Room (Multi Section Courses)

This help room is suitable for students in our multi section courses mainly Calculus courses but also Finite math and the Engineering linear algebra (Math 10120, 10250, 10350, 10360, 10550, 10560, 20550, 20580).  It is located in Hurley 153 and is open Monday through Thursday 1pm-9pm, Friday 1pm - 4pm, and Sunday 7pm - 9pm.

Math Help Room Schedule - Fall 2019