Keller VandeBogert

Postdoctoral Research Associate


BA, Mathematics, Georgia Southern University 2016
MA, Mathematics, Georgia Southern University, 2017
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of South Carolina

Research Group

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Research Area

Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry


Research Statement

My research interest is in the field of Commutative Algebra. More precisely, I am interested in homological techniques including the construction of free resolutions and their applications to the study of finer invariants of certain modules and ideals, especially those arising in the context of Geometry, Combinatorics, and Representation Theory.

Selected Publications

  • Applications and Homological Properties of Local Rings with Decomposable Maximal Ideals (with S. Nasseh, S. Sather-Wagstaff, and R. Takahashi), Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra., March 2019, pp. 1272-1287.
  • Structure Theory for a Class of Grade 3 Homogeneous Ideals Defining Type 2 Compressed Rings, To appear, Journal of Commutative Algebra,
  • Trimming Complexes and Applications to Resolutions of Determinantal Facet Ideals, Communications in Algebra,
  • Resolution and Tor Algebra Structures of Grade 3 Ideals Defining Compressed Rings, Journal of Algebra,
  • DG Structure on the Length 4 Big From Small Construction, Journal of Algebra and Its Applications,



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