David Galvin

Associate Professor

B.A., Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, 1995
Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2002

Office: 136 Hayes-Healy Bldg
Phone: (574) 631-4181
Fax: (574) 631-6579

Mailing Address:
255 Hurley Bldg
Notre Dame, IN  46556-4618

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Research Interests

My research is in discrete probability, combinatorics and graph theory; in particular, the applications of combinatorial ideas to the study of phase transitions in statistical physics models, the efficiency of algorithms in theoretical computer science, and long-range correlations in discrete random structures.

Selected Publications

  • J. Engbers and D. Galvin, Extremal H-colorings of trees and 2-connected graphs, J. Combin. Theory Ser. B 122 (2017), 800–814.

  • D. Galvin, J. Kahn, D. Randall and G. Sorkin, Phase coexistence and torpid mixing in the 3-coloring model on Zd, SIAM J. Discrete Math. 29 (2015), 1223–1244.

  • J. Engbers, D. Galvin and J. Hilyard, Combinatorially interpreting generalized Stirling numbers, European J. Combin. 43 (2015), 32–54.

  • J. Engbers and D. Galvin, Counting independent sets of a fixed size in graphs with a given minimum degree, J. Graph Theory 76 (2014), 149–168.

  • D. Galvin, Maximizing H-colorings of regular graphs, J. Graph Theory 73 (2013), 66–84.

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