Judy Hygema

Administrative Assistant, Web Management & Undergraduate Student Employment Coordinator


Administrative support for:

Undergraduate Campus Employment Coordinator:

  • Graders, Tutors, and Flipped Classroom TA's
  • Hire and manage Undergraduate Office Assistants
  • Undergraduate Bunker (Proofs tutoring) and Help Room TA's Coordinator
  • Webassign Hiring

Website Management Coordinator:

  • Departmental Website
  • WordPress Sites (faculty personal webpage and course websites)

Technology Purchasing:

  • Facilitates Technology Purchases through BuyND
  • Facilitates CWP (Campus Workstation Program) Purchases
  • Office copier toners and maintenance
  • Printer toners purchases

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Amazon Purchasing
  • Colloquia/Seminar Announcements
    • Orders Food for Departmental Teas
  • Manages Building Signage and Bulletin Boards
  • ND Surplus (old and retired technology equipment)
  • Office copier toners and maintenance
  • Provides Basic Technology Support
  • Technical Typing
  • Research Book Ordering
  • Sustainability: Serves as Departmental Green Ambassador

Notary Public:

  • Notary services available by appointment

Fundraising Projects & Math Duck Project

  • Notre Dame Day
  • Harper Cancer Research Blood Drives
  • Holy Cross Harvest Food Drive coordinator
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Math Duck Support



Email: jhygema@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-7484
Fax: 547-631-6579
Office: 255 Hurley Bldg