2023 Richard Sady Dissertation Prize

Author: Judy Hygema


The Richard Sady Dissertation Prize is for the best dissertation as judged by the graduate committee. Richard Sady was a graduate student in our department and received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1977. He then was an assistant professor at Pembroke State University in North Carolina where he died in 1982. He was beloved by many here. This fund was established in his name.

This year the prize is awarded to Richard Birkett, Eric Jovinelly, Nikolai Konovalov, and Wern Yeong.

Richard Birkett Dissertation Title: “Algebraic Stability and Skew Products on the Berkovich Projective Line"

Eric Jovinelly Dissertation Title: “Geometric Manin's Conjecture for Fano Threefolds"

Nikolai Konovalov Dissertation Title: “Algebraic Goodwillie Spectral Sequence"

Wern Yeong Dissertation Title: “Algebraic hyperbolicity of very general hypersurfaces and their complements"