2021 Medal of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics: Julia Knight

Author: Judy Hygema

Julia Knight

Prof. Julia Knight has been awarded the Medal of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics "For Outstanding Contribution to Mathematics." Prof. Knight is one of the leading experts in mathematical logic, whose results have had a great influence on the development of this area of mathematics. She obtained outstanding results in computable structure theory and model theory, in particular in the study of models of arithmetic, infinite logic, the relation of definability and computability on various classes of structures. Prof. Knight generated profound new ideas and approaches to the study and classification of computable structures, comparison, transformations and description of classes of structures, actively developed by her and her students and colleagues around the world. Her excellent monograph "Computable Structures and the Hyperarithmetical Hierarchy", co-authored with K. Ash, has been one of the most important introductions to the theory of computable structures for many years. In recent years, Prof. Knight initiated and participated in active research that was carried out together with the researchers of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics on the study of reducibility on classes of models and the construction of model theory for the language of formulas that admit infinite computable conjunctions and disjunctions. 

For many years Prof. Knight has been actively cooperating with scientists of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics: together with Sergey Goncharov and carried out a series of studies on the problem of describing autostable models and relative autostability in the arithmetic and hyperarithmetical hierarchy; Prof. Knight, along with her students and colleagues, often came to Novosibirsk both to participate in conferences and to conduct joint research.

In 2020 Prof. Knight was elected President of the International Association for Symbolic Logic, and in 2003 she was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Sciences of the SB RAS.

Sergey Goncharov: Director of SIM, Full member of RAS
Ivan Svetov: Scientific Secretary of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics: