2018 Putnam Competition

Author: Judy Hygema

Congratulations to this year's Putnam Team!  The Notre Dame Team for the 2018 Putnam Examination consisted of Yuxin Lin, Matthew Schoenbauer, and Ting Gong.  This year's team scored a combined score of 78 for a national rank of 31 out of 568 participating schools.  This is a great achievement! Additionally we had a number of students who scored above 10 points: Aram Rashduni and Ting Gong; above 20 points: Enhao Feng, Matthew Schoenbauer;  and Yuxin Lin who scored 40 points and is ranked 224 nationally amongst all test takers. Special mention goes to Yuxin Lin and Ting Gong who ranked top 20 nationally at the Virginia Tech math competition.