Logic Seminar: Krzysztof Krupinski - University of Wroclaw, Poland


Location: 125 Hayes-Healy Bldg

Photo of: Krzysztof Krupinski

Speaker: Krzysztof Krupinski
University of Wroclaw, Poland

Will give a Logic Seminar entitled:
On some applications of model theory and topological dynamics to additive combinatorics

Abstract: I will discus a few interactions of model theory and topological dynamics with applications to additive combinatorics. I will discus type-definable components of definable groups, which lead to model-theoretic descriptions of Bohr compactificatios of groups and rings, and also to so-called locally compact models of approximate subgroups and subrings which in turn are crucial to get structural or even classification results about approximate subgroups and subrings. I will discuss my result that each approximate subring has a locally compact model, and mention some structural applications. In contrast to approximate subrings, not every approximate subgroup has a locally compact model. However, Ehud Hrushovski showed that instead it has such a model in a certain generalized sense (with morphisms replaced by quasi-homomorphisms). In order to do that, he introduced and developed local logics and definability patterns. In my recent paper with Anand Pillay, we gave a shorter and simpler construction of a generalized locally compact model, based on topological dynamics methods in a model-theoretic context. I will briefly discuss it, if time permits.

Date: 04-09-2024
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: 125 Hayes Healy Bldg

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