Senior Thesis Archive






2013 Matt Charnley Thermal Detection of Inaccessible Corrosion Nancy Stanton
2013 Sean Meehan On the Topic of Ramsey Theory David Galvin
2013 MurphyKate Montee On Characteristic Classes of Complex Vector Bundles Frank Connolly
2013 Katherine Ritchey Linear Error Correcting Codes Dennis Snow
2013 Edward Sanchez Equivalent Formulations of the Cayley-Bacharach Theorem for Points in Projective Space Claudia Polini
2013 Vikram Saraph Index Sets of Computable Groups Julia Knight
2013 James Schmidt Forcing in Algebra (E.C. Groups) Cameron Hill
2013 Nick Seewald Entropy and Counting David Galvin
2013 Edward Stivers Financial Applications of Partial Differential Equations Alex Himonas, Tom Cosimano

For more information on the 2013 theses, please see the College of Science page about seniors graduating with senior theses.