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  • What is the Senior Thesis?

All Mathematics majors have the option of completing a Senior Thesis. This is intended to give a better sense of how mathematics is done than can be obtained in the classroom, and also to help develop the habit of learning mathematics in an independent setting. A senior thesis can be a very fulfilling experience, and a practically useful one for those who are planning graduate studies. As well as giving you first-hand experience of what mathematical research is about, doing a senior thesis shows graduate admissions committees that you are able to complete a prolonged and mostly self-motivated research project, while dealing with many other responsibilities at the same time.

In most cases, the senior thesis is expository, based on readings beyond the level of an undergraduate course, and representing an effort that goes well beyond what is found in such a course. At the end of senior year, there is an opportunity to present senior thesis work at the College of Science Joint Annual Meeting. All students who successfully complete a senior thesis receive the citation "Graduation with Senior Thesis" on their diplomas, and a copy of the thesis is deposited in the Mathematics library.

Writing a Senior Thesis: