Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Campus Employment

Grader Information:

Undergraduate students are used in the Department of Mathematics to correct homework assignments for our math classes. Grading is done on your own time and the hours that you work are turned in electronically using UltraTime. A graders hours vary depending on the type of class and the usual number of students in that class.


We are currently taking applications for the Spring 2020 semester. Please fill out the application at the right of this page. 
NOTE: Math 10250 will NOT be using graders or TA's for the Spring 2020 semester.
We have several positions available for the Spring 2020 semester. It is required that you have taken the class or have taken other qualifying classes. For example; to grade for 10350 you can qualify if you took other upper level calculus classes. It is also required that you received an A in the class for which you are applying. Math Help Room jobs are available to upper calculus classes.

Office Assistant:

The Office Assistant positions are not available at this time.

Tax Forms: 

This section is for students who have received an assignment.

- Form I-9 is available online only. Please follow this link to begin the process. This must be completed within 3 days of hire date. Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
Form W-4 (see notice below)
Direct Deposit (see notice below)

Effective May 1, 2014, direct deposit and the W-4 form tax withholding elections must be made online through new enhanced applications available on Inside ND.  I will no longer collect paper forms from students and submit to Payroll. As of May 1, students will be directed to InsideND to complete the forms electronically.  The applications on InsideND will become available to a first time student employees after their job has been created through Student Jobs.  Current student employees can change their elections at any time if needed.

If a student does not complete their direct deposit election online prior to their first pay, a paper check will print.  The student may retrieve their pay check by presenting a picture ID at Payroll Services, 724 Grace Hall.  However, prior to releasing the check the student must make their direct deposit election online. 

If a student does not make their tax withholding elections online prior to the payroll process, the Federal and State tax withholdings will be at the maximum withholding amount per the IRS guidelines.  Students may update their tax withholdings at any time.

Teaching Assistants (TA's):

Teaching Assistants are used in Math 10120, 10250 (not Spring 2020). These positions are 5 hours per week and are set times. A TA will meet with students for 2 hours twice a week with 1 hour of prep time. Meeting times are always in the evening hours and sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday and are determined by you and the professor. A classroom will be assigned to the TA.
To apply as a TA you will need to fill out the same application that is used for the graders.

Personal Tutoring:

2019/2020 tutoring applications are now being accepted.  Tutoring Application:

Grading Applications Forms:

ACMS applicants please use this form: ACMS Grader/TA application.
PLEASE DO NOT APPLY TWICE.  Job notifications for Spring 2020 will be sent via email in early January.  If you have any questions, send an email to  jhygemaATndDOTedu


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