Steven VanDenDriessche

Steven VanDenDriessche

PhD: Univeristy of Notre Dame - 2013


Advisor:  Julia Knight
Research Area:  Mathematical Logic
Year Started:  2008

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Research Interests:

Steve VanDenDriessche is interested in mathematical logic, primarily computability theory and model theory. Computability theory, also known as recursion theory, is the abstract study of algorithms, complexity, and definability. Model theory is very broad, but includes the study of formal languages, mathematical structures, and their relations to one another. This includes again, notions of definability in formal systems. Steve is particularly interested in computable structure theory, an area of overlap, utilizing both computability and model theory.

Courses TA-ed:

  • Calculus I (Fall 2009)
  • Calculus III (Fall 2010)

Talks Given:

  • The Difficulty of the Isomorphism Problem, Notre Dame Logic Seminar (April 2010)
  • A Brief Introduction to Computability Theory, IUSB Math Club Invited Lecture (February 2010)

Meetings Attended:

  • Midwest Computability Seminars, University of Chicago (Ongoing)
  • Graduate Student Conference in Logic, University of WisconsinMadison (May 2010)
  • ASL National Meeting, George Washington University (March 2010)
  • ASL National Meeting, University of Notre Dame (May 2009)