Stephen Flood

PhD: Univeristy of Notre Dame - 2012


Advisor:  Peter Cholak
Research Area:  Logic
Year Started:  2007

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Research Interests:

The field of reverse mathematics provides a robust framework for classifying combinatorial theorems, based on the theorems that they can be used to prove. In reverse mathematics, theorems of  "ordinary mathematics" are formalized in second order arithmetic, and proofs take place over the base theory RCA, which roughly corresponds to "computable mathematics." Because there are significant connections between reverse mathematics and computability theory, this classification helps us understand and express the computational strength of these combinatorial theorems.

In his research, Stephen Flood has analyzed the computational and reverse mathematical strength of a number of combinatorial principles related to Ramsey's theorem.

Courses Taught:

  • Instructor for Calculus B (Spring 2011).
  • TA for Calculus B (Fall 2010).
  • Instructor for Beginning Logic (Fall 2009).
  • TA for Beginning Logic (Spring 2009).


  • "A Ramsey-type Konig's Lemma" Submitted for publication.
  • "A Turan-type Problem for Circular-arc Graphs" with Rosalie Rosalie Carlson, Kevin O'Neill, and Francis Edward Su. In preparation.

Talks Given:

  • Mathematical Logic Seminar, Notre Dame, September 2011
  • ASL 2011 North American Annual Meeting, March 2011
  • Logic and Combinatorics Seminar, Notre Dame, September 2010
  • Graduate Student Seminar, Notre Dame, April 2010
  • Mathematical Logic Seminar, Notre Dame, January 2009

Research Seminars:

  • Computability Reading Seminar, Notre Dame, March - April 2010
  • Computability Reading Seminar, Notre Dame, March - April 2009

Conferences/Workshops Attended:

  • Chicago computability seminars (Ongoing).
  • Reverse Mathematics Workshop (September 2011)
  • Logic and mathematics 2011 (September 2011)
  • Computational Prospects of Infinity II: Graduate Summer School (June-July 2011)
  • Computability Theory and Applications (May 2011)
  • ASL Meeting at Berkeley (March 2011)
  • AMS meeting at Notre Dame (November 2010)

Other Activities:

  • Applied for and received College of Science summer fellowship. (Summer 2009)