Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson


PhD: Univeristy of Notre Dame - 2013


Advisor:  J. Knight 
Research Area:  Logic
Year Started:  2008

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Research Interests:

Johnson studies computable model theory under Julia Knight.  Currently, his research interests are in examining computable structure theory in the setting of \omega_{1}-computability.  This topic includes exploring the computational complexity of structures as well as considering known results in computable structure theory and exploring analogs in this new setting.  He is also interested in finding generalizations to these results to settings in arbitrary ordinals.

Courses Taught:

Elements of Calculus for Business II - Summer 2010

Courses TA-ed:

Calculus II - Fall 2009

Talks Given:

  • Shelah's proof for primitive recursive bounds on the Hales-Jewett numbers.  Combinatorics in logic seminar, Notre Dame, April 2010.
  • The Mathematics of Lewis Carroll.  Graduate Student Seminar, Notre Dame, March 2010.

Meetings Attended:

  • Midwest graduate student logic conference, University of Wisconsin, May 2010
  • North American Annual Association of Symbolic Logic meeting, George Washington University, March 2010

Other Activities:

  • Led an undergraduate reading group on aesthetic proofs, Fall 2009.
  • Led an undergraduate reading group on error-correcting codes, Fall 2010.