George Poulios

Graduate Student

Office:  217 Hayes-Healy
Phone:  574-631-4861
Fax: 574-631-6579

Advisor: Sergei Starchenko
Research Area:  Logic
Year Started:  2006

Research Interests:

George Poulios' current research is in model theory. Specifically, he is interested in o-minimality and its applications in Algebraic Geometry. His past research involved the applications of lambda calculus in the semantics of programming languages.

Courses Taught:

  • Spring 2008: TA for Calculus II
  • Fall 2008: TA for Calculus II
  • Fall 2009: TA for Calculus A
  • Spring 2010: Instructor for Finite Math

Talks Given:

  • Every definable group in an algebraically closed field is algebraic, Notre Dame Mathematical Logic Seminar, September 2008

Meetings Attended:

  • AMS Mathematics Research Communities workshop on Model Theory of Fields in Snowbird, UT, June 2010
  • Midwest Model Theory Meeting in Urbana-Champaign, IL, November 2009
  • ASL Annual Meeting, University of Notre Dame, IN, May 2009
  • Winter School in o-minimal Geometry, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada, January 2009

Other Activities:

  • Attended the Thematic Program on o-minimal structures and Real Analytic Geometry at the Fields Institute in Toronto, Canada, Spring 2009