Donald Brower

PhD: Univeristy of Notre Dame - 2012


Advisor:  Steve Buechler
Research Area:  Logic
Year Started:  2005

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Research Interests:

Donald Brower's research interest is in model theory.  He is interested in stability theory, classification of first-order theories, and simple theories. 

Courses Taught:

  • Fall 2011:  Statistics for Life Sciences
  • Fall 2010: Instructor for Statistics for Life Sciences
  • Fall 2009: Instructor for Finite Math
  • Fall 2008: TA for Calculus II
  • Summer 2007:  Principles of Calculus

Talks Given:

  • Indiscernible Sequences and Simplicity, Notre Dame Logic Seminar, September 2011
  • Independence Relations. Notre Dame Graduate Student Seminar, April 2010
  • The Random Graph is Simple. Notre Dame Graduate Student Seminar, September 2008
  • Groups Actions on Strongly Minimal Sets, Notre Dame Logic Seminar, February 2007

Meetings Attended:

  • June 2011, Recent Developments in Model Theory, Oleron, France
  • April 2011, Midwest Model Theory Day, UIC
  • January 2011, AMS/MAA Joint meetings, New Orleans
  • June 2010,  AMS Mathematics Research Communities workshop on Model Theory of Fields in Snowbird, UT
  • May 2010, Graduate Student Conference in Logic at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • April 2010, Midwest Model Theory Day at University of Illinois-Chicago
  • March 2010, Association for Symbolic Logic 2010 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC
  • February 2010, Midwest Model Theory Day at University of Illinois-Chicago
  • November 2009, Midwest Model Theory Meeting in Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • July 2009, Logicum Urbanae Lugduni in Lyon, France.
  • June 2009, Workshop on Finiteness Problems in Dynamical Systems at Fields Institute, University of Toronto.

Other Activities:

  • Attended the Thematic Program on o-minimal structures and Real Analytic Geometry at the Fields Institute in Toronto, Canada, Spring 2009.


  • Another Look at Stable Forking in 1-based Supersimple Theories, with C.D. Hill, submitted