Prasit Bhattacharya



Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2015
M. Math, Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 2009
B.Math (Hons.), Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 2007

Research Group



Research Interests

I study algebraic topology and within that stable homotopy theory. A big part of my research interest lies in understanding the stable homotopy groups of spheres, which falls under the subject called chromatic homotopy theory.
The nilpotence and periodicity theorems of Hopkins, Devinatz and Smith implies that stable homotopy groups of spheres exhibit periodic patterns. In particular, I study v_n--self-maps of finite cell-complexes, a technique for detecting these periodic patterns. 
My interest also lies in exploring and developing the connection between chromatic homotopy theory and some of the modern variants of the stable homotopy theory, such as equivariant stable homotopy theory and motivic stable homotopy theory.

Selected Publications

  • An R-motivic v1–self-map of periodicity 1:  Prasit Bhattacharya, Bertrand Guillou, and Ang Li. https: //

  • On the EO-orientability of vector bundles: Bhattacharya, Prasit and Chatham, Hood :

  • On the tmf resolution of Z : Beaudry, Agnes, Behrens, Mark, Bhattacharya, Prasit, Culver, Dominic and Xu, Zhouli

  • A class of 2-local finite spectra which admit a v_2^1-self-map: Prasit Bhattacharya and Philip Egger: Adv. Math., 360:106895, 40, 2020.

  • On the periodic v2-self-map of A_1: Prasit Bhattacharya, Philip Egger, and Mark Mahowald:   Algebr. Geom. Topol., 17(2):657–692, 2017. 


Phone: 574-631-7245
Fax: 574-631-6579