Evan O'Dorney

Affiliated Assistant Professor


B.A. in mathematics at Harvard College, 2015
Ph.D., Princeton, 2021

Research Group

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Research Area

Algebraic geometry


Research Interests:

I am a number theorist with an eye to finding and answering surprising properties of deceptively elementary constructions. My research currently focuses on the higher composition laws of Bhargava and his students and on reflection theorems of Ohno-Nakagawa type, with applications to arithmetic statistics and the study of Shintani zeta functions. In my research, I use such tools as Fourier analysis on adelic cohomology (in the style of Tate's thesis) and the combinatorial aspects of p-adic algebra (e.g. Igusa zeta functions).

Selected Publications:

  • Brandon Alberts and Evan O’Dorney. Harmonic analysis and statistics of the first Galois cohomology group. Research in the Mathematical Sciences (2021)
  • Evan M. O’Dorney. On a remarkable identity in class numbers of cubic rings. Journal of Number Theory, 176:302–332, 2017
  • Evan M. O’Dorney. Rings of small rank over a Dedekind domain and their ideals. Res. Math. Sci., 3:3:8, 2016