Lisa M. Driver

Senior Events Coordinator, CMND Administrative Coordinator


Math Department Responsibilities:

  • Administer, manage, and oversee Mathematics Department international and domestic conferences and workshops
  • Coordinate and provide administrative support to the Math for Everyone Series 
  • Facilitate short- and long-term visitor lodging 
  • Process and complete domestic and international reimbursements - Certified TravelND Super User
  • Assist with international visitor visas
  • Provide back-up to Math Department website

Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame:

  • Oversee and manage all Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame administrative duties including budgets.
  • Administer, manage, and oversee the 3-week CMND Thematic Program each summer

College of Science:

  • Administrate College of Science international and domestic academic conferences and workshops
  • Provide administrative support for Fall and Spring 1-credit College of Science courses

Phone: 574-631-4178
Fax: 574-631-6579
Office: 255 Hurley Hall