Here, or There?

If you are uncertain where to get your questions or concerns answered, check out our HERE, or THERE FAQ's


Department Administrator:


Patti Strauch: Manager Department Administration
Phone: 574-631-4177

For Assistance with:

  • Budgets and Accounting
  • Building Maintenance or Security
  • Scheduling a Seminar Room (258 Hurley)
  • travelND Reimbursement for Faculty and Visitors
  • Office assignment, keys, requests for access
  • Phones and Repairs

Events and Conferences:

Lisa Driver: Senior Events Coordinator
Phone: 574-631-4178

For Assistance with:

  • International and Domestic Conferences and Workshops

If you have a question about:

  • Math 4 Everyone Series
  • Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame
  • College of Science International and Domestic Conferences and Workshops

Web Administration and Undergraduate Campus Employment

Judy Hygema: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 574-631-7484

For Assistance with:

  • Website management
  • Campus Undergraduate Employment
  • Technology and CWP Purchases
  • Amazon Purchases and Research Book Ordering
  • Colloquia and Seminar Announcements
  • Notary Public (schedule an appointment)

Undergraduate Students:

Robin Lockhart: Administrative Assistant | Undergraduate Coordinator | Asst. to Associate Chair | Asst. to Undergraduate Chair
Phone: 574-631-1323

For Assistance with Course Management

  • Communications
  • Course List
  • Exam Schedule
  • Undergraduate Bulletins of Information

For Assistance with Undergraduate Math Majors

  • Grade Changes
  • E-forms
  • Overrides: send an email with your 9-digit ndID number, the course number and CRN.
  • Adding/Dropping a course: email Robin with your 9-digit ndID number, the course number and CRN along with any error message.
  • Class Registration
  • Academic Advisors List
  • Academic Advising Handbook

Departmental Assistance

  • Room Reservations
  • Scheduling
  • Textbooks and desk copies for teaching

Graduate Students

Rachel Mendez: Administrative Assistant | Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 574-631-7245

For all Graduate Questions:

  • Graduate Student Recruitment, Admissions, Stipends, and Events
  • Graduate Communications and Overrides
  • Graduate Oral Candidacy and Defense Scheduling
  • USPS/FedEx/UPS Handling
  • Office Supplies Ordering