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Tuesday/Thursday Dept. Exam Schedule - Fall 2019

Final Examination Schedule - Fall 2019

  • Final Exam Room Assignments - By course number (TBA)
  • Final Exam Room Assignments - By instructor (TBA)
  • Reading Days - Dec. 13-15 - no exams may be scheduled during this time
  • Final Exams - Dec. 16-20 - no review sessions during final exam week
  • Grades Due - Dec. 23 through insideND by 3:45pm

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Forms (for ND use only)

  • Colloquium Speaker/Visitor Information: 
    • Green Sheet AND Seminar Submission form
      IMPORTANT NOTE: This form includes both Seminar AND Green Sheet submissions. Please use this form if you have the information for both forms and are ready to submit them both at the same time.
    • Green Sheet Submission ONLY Please use this form if you are not filling out a seminar form at this time. You may do the Seminar Submission form later if or when you are ready to post the talk. If Green Sheet and Seminar information are available now, please use the first form.
  • Travel Request (prior to traveling)

Math Course Archives: The archives have moved to Google Drive. This has been shared with you. If you do not see it, please contact Judy for its location.