Kaneb Teaching Awards

Kaneb Teaching Awards (Kaneb Teaching Award is a recognition for superb teaching performance. It is given to faculty who have been engaged in undergraduate teaching at Notre Dame for a least five years. This is an honor for not only themselves but for the department and the College of Science.)

2009 Winner:  Dennis Snow

2008 Winner:  Jeffrey Diller

2006 Winners:  Bei Hu and Gerard Misiolek

2005 Winners: Brian Smyth and Dennis Snow

2004 Winners: Sam Evens, Michael Gekhtman, Juan Migliore

2003 Winners: Mario Borelli, Jeff Diller, Alex Himonas

2002 Winners:  Pit-Mann Wong, Dennis Snow

2001 Winners: Alan Howard, Gerard Misiolek, & Joachim Rosenthal

2000 Winners: Qing Han, Bei Hu

1999 Winners: Frank Connolly, Alex Himonas, Dennis Snow