Senior G.E. Price for Mathematics Majors

A monetary gift from the General Electric Foundation, awarded to senior major in the Department of Mathematics who, in the opinion of the members of the faculty, excelled in mathematics in the senior year.

Year Winners
2022/2023 Kayleigh Morgan Monahan and Luke Christian Whitmer
2021/2022 Megan Laurence, Payton Lewandowski, Noah Merriman, Luke Reifenberg
2020/2021 Joshua Follansbee, Yixian Fu, Abigail Heck, Ethan Sunchine, Chang Zhou
2019/2020 Matthew Canonico, Enhao Feng, and Alfonse Murphy
2018/2019 Donte Domenella and James Venzor
2017/2018 Robert Black and Greg Conti
2016/2017 Yiming Gao
2015/2016 EunSeuk Choi and Yuxuan Chen
2014/2015 Erin Celeste, Eric Krakowiak, William McCormack (Patrick), William Raaf (Will), and Ningzhou Shen
2013/2014 Kyle McCall, Daniel O'Shaugnessy, Hannah Pawelczyk, Luke Senau, and Xuan Wang