Courses with Webpages for Spring 2017

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Undergraduate Level Classes
Level 1
Course Number Course Title Instructor
10110-01 Principles of Finite Math Liske
10120-01 Finite Mathematics Conant
10120-02 Finite Mathematics Galvin
10130-01 Beginning Logic Igusa
10170-01 Mathematics in Sport Pilkington
10250-01 Elements of Calculus I Taylor
10250-02 Elements of Calculus I Ache
10270-01 Mathematics in Architecture Hind
10360-01 Calculus B Lim
10360-02 Calculus B Li, S.
10360-03 Calculus B Zhou
10360-04 Calculus B Knight
10360-05 Calculus B Pro
10360-06 Calculus B Li, Y.
10460-01 Honors Mathematics II Hahn
10550-01 Calculus I Snow
10560-01 Calculus II Pilkington
10560-02 Calculus II Borelli
10560-03 Calculus II Burton
10560-04 Calculus II Putman
10560-05 Calculus II Yang
10560-06 Calculus II Jedlovec
10560-07 Calculus II Putman
10860-01 Honors Calculus II Caine
13187-01 Mathematics University Seminar Evens
Level 2
Course Number Course Title Instructor
20480-01 Intro to Dyn Sys for Scientists Lim
20550-01 Calculus III Jorza
20550-02 Calculus III Starchenko
20550-03 Calculus III Starchenko
20550-04 Calculus III Le
20580-01 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Bhattacharya
20580-02 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Bhattacharya
20580-03 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Li, S.
20580-04 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Mnev
20580-05 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Medina
20580-06 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Misiolek
20580-07 Intro Linear Alg and Diff Eqtn Ache
20610-01 Linear Algebra Rupel
20630-01 Introduction to Math Reasoning Polini
20670-01 Math Methods in Physics II Vural
20750-01 Ordinary Differential Equations Grove
20820-01 Honors Algebra II Szekelyhidi, S.
20860-01 Honors Calculus IV Nicolaescu
Level 3
Course Number Course Title Instructor
30530-01 Introduction to Probability Nicolaescu
30540-01 Mathematical Statistics Lin
30610-01 Intro to Financial Mathematics Faybusovich
30650-01 Differential Equations Faybusovich
30650-02 Differential Equations Shaw
30710-01 Algebra Polini
30720-01 Discrete Fourier & Wavelet Stanton, N.
30750-01 Real Analysis Stanton, N.
30820-01 Honors Algebra IV Jorza
30860-01 Honors Analysis II Hall
Level 4
Course Number Course Title Instructor
40390-01 Numerical Analysis Wang, T.
40480-01 Complex Variables Pro
40510-01 Intro to Algebraic Geometry Evens
40570-01 Math Meth. in Fin. Econ. Himonas
40730-01 Mathematical/Comp Modeling Rosenbaum
40760-01 Differential Geometry Smyth
40960-01 Topics in Geometry Szekelyhidi, G.
46800-01 Directed Readings Diller
48800-01 Undergraduate Research Szekelyhidi, S.
48900-01 Thesis Szekelyhidi, S.
Level 5
Course Number Course Title Instructor
50570-01 Math Meth. in Fin. Econ. Himonas
56800-01 Directed Readings Cholak

Graduate Level Classes
Course Number Course Title Instructor
60220-01 Basic Algebra II Barron
60360-01 Basic Real Analysis II Misiolek
60380-01 Basic Complex Analysis II Szekelyhidi, G
60440-01 Basic Topology II Behrens
60520-01 Basic Modern Logic II Cholak
60610-01 Basic Discrete Math Galvin
60650-01 Basic Part. Diff. Equations I Himonas
60670-01 Differential Geometry I Gursky
60790-01 Numerical Analysis II Xu
80440-01 Ends of Manifolds and Maps Schommer-Pries
80520-01 Topics in Math Logic II Pillay
80620-01 Topics in Alg. Geometry II Raicu
80750-01 Topics in Diff. Geometry I Radeschi
83990-01 Mathematics Teaching Seminar Hind
86700-01 Directed Readings Himonas
88900-01 Research and Dissertation Himonas
93990-01 Research Seminar Diller
98900-01 Nonresident Dissertation Rsrch Evens