Courses with Webpages for Fall 2016

Links are to the course web page.

Undergraduate Level Classes
Level 1
Course Number Course Title Instructor
10120-01 Finite Mathematics Weisshaar
10120-02 Finite Mathematics Pilkington
10130-01 Beginning Logic Conant
10240-01 Principles of Calculus Stoyell-Mulholland
10250-01 Elements of Calculus I Quigley
10250-02 Elements of Calculus I Taylor
10250-03 Elements of Calculus I Pacurar
10250-04 Elements of Calculus I Grove
10350-01 Calculus A Gursky
10350-02 Calculus A Stolz
10350-03 Calculus A Wawerczyk
10350-04 Calculus A Gursky
10350-05 Calculus A Schommer-Pries
10350-06 Calculus A Wells
10360-01 Calculus B Pro
10360-02 Calculus B Cousins
10450-01 Honors Mathematics I Hahn
10550-01 Calculus I Kjaer
10550-02 Calculus I Evens
10550-03 Calculus I Li
10550-04 Calculus I Li
10550-05 Calculus I Snow
10550-06 Calculus I Pilkington
10560-01 Calculus II Han
10560-02 Calculus II Ache
10560-03 Calculus II Pillay
10560-04 Calculus II Ache
10850-01 Honors Calculus I Caine
13187-01 Mathematics University Seminar Szekelyhidi
Level 2
Course Number Course Title Instructor
20550-01 Calculus III Taylor
20550-02 Calculus III Conant
20550-03 Calculus III Bhattacharya
20550-04 Calculus III Yang
20550-05 Calculus III Cholak
20550-06 Calculus III Bhattacharya
20550-07 Calculus III Lewis
20580-01 Intro Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Himonas
20580-02 Intro Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Dyer
20580-03 Intro Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Barron
20610-01 Linear Algebra Yang
20630-01 Introduction to Math Reasoning Hall
20750-01 Ordinary Differential Equations Snow
20810-01 Honors Algebra I Szekelyhidi
20850-01 Honors Calculus III Nicolaescu
Level 3
Course Number Course Title Instructor
30210-01 Introduction to Operations Research Faybusovich
30530-01 Introduction to Probability Hind
30540-01 Mathematical Statistics Jin
30650-01 Differential Equations Shaw
30650-02 Differential Equations Shaw
30710-01 Algebra Rupel
30750-01 Real Analysis Han
30810-01 Honors Algebra III Jorza
30850-01 Honors Analysis I Hall
Level 4
Course Number Course Title Instructor
40210-01 Basic Combinatorics Rupel
40390-01 Numerical Analysis Xu
40390-02 Numerical Analysis Bukac
40720-01 Topics in Algebra Dyer
40730-01 Mathematical/Comp Modeling Rosenbaum
40740-01 Topology Medina Mardones
40750-01 Partial Differential Equations Himonas
43900-01 Problem Solving in Math Jorza
46800-01 Directed Readings Szekelyhidi
48800-01 Undergraduate Research Szekelyhidi
48900-01 Thesis Szekelyhidi
Level 5
Course Number Course Title Instructor
56800-01 Directed Readings Cholak

Graduate Level Classes
Course Number Course Title Instructor
60210-01 Basic Algebra I Barron
60330-01 Basic Geometry and Topology Putman
60350-01 Basic Real Analysis I Misiolek
60370-01 Basic Complex Analysis I Szekelyhidi
60510-01 Basic Modern Logic I Starchenko
60710-01 Intro to Algebraic Geometry Raicu
70330-01 Intermediate Geometry and Topology Behrens
80210-01 Topics in Algebra I Polini
80430-01 Topics in Topology I Mnev
80510-01 Topics in Mathematical Logic  Knight
80870-01 Topics in Mathematical Physics Gekhtman
86700-01 Directed Readings Himonas
88900-02 Research and Dissertation Himonas
93990-01 Research Seminar Diller
98900-01 Nonresident Dissertation Research TBA