Speaker Information

Below is some information for speakers in the Notre Dame logic seminar.


Title and Abstract

In order to properly publicize your talk, we need a title and abstract about a week before.


Your talk should last 50 minutes, and we can have up to 10 minutes of questions afterwards.


The audience consists of model theorists, computability theorists, and computable model theorists, including many students. At times the logicians from the philosophy department attend. We appreciate talks that start with some background exposition that is accessible to the students. You can safely assume that the students know a semester of model theory (through the Morley Categoricity Theorem) and a semester of computability (through basic finite injury arguments).

Presentation Technology

Our current seminar room has both blackboards and a data projector. It is possible to give a talk using both slides and the blackboard. The projector can be used either with your own laptop, the classroom computer, or the classroom document camera. It is easiest to use the classroom computer; slides can be transferred to the classroom computer using a flash drive or via the web. The document camera works best with paper – overhead transparencies work, but badly. You do not want to use transparencies.

Travel Information

How to get to Notre Dame plus hotel information.