Organizer Information

Below is some information for organizers of the Notre Dame logic seminar. It is organized roughly as a list of things to do, in chronological order, from scheduling the speaker to checking him in with Patti when he arrives. Any faculty member or postdoc should be able to schedule a visitor by following these steps.

1. Calendar

When a speaker has agreed to a date, replace the word "Unscheduled" in the calendar entry with the speaker's name. Also, put your own name in the description field. (Do this so that other organizers can see who is responsible for that speaker.) If the date is tentative, put one or two question marks next to the speaker's name. Try not to leave tentative entries on the calendar for very long.

2. Green sheet

Once the speaker has determined his or her arrival and departure dates, fill out a green sheet (online only).  Submit the completed form as soon as possible; if you are requesting lodging, it is important to give us enough time to make the reservation.  A few comments on filling out the green sheet:

  1. Typically, seminar speakers are short-term visitors.
  2. You will have to ask the visitor about visa status. (See below for more information.)
  3. Fill in the visitors address if you have it; otherwise the visitor will provide that when he/she arrives. You must fill in the email address and University. (There are new travel rules in place. All reimbursement must be done within 30 days. Patti will use the email to remind the visitor to bring all the needed forms.)
  4. Typical lodging requests: Ivy Court as the first choice for lodging. We almost always get our first choice.
  5. Check off the categories of reimbursement as appropriate, but leave the amount blank. Note: we can only give per diem reimbursement on days when we do not pay for any of the speaker's meals; for example, no per diem is allowed on a day that we take the speaker to lunch or dinner. Logic seminar speakers do not receive an honorarium.
  6. The first signature line needs to be completed before the form is submitted.  Typing your name on the form is considered an electronic signature.  (Signatures of postdocs will probably not be accepted unless the postdoc is explicitly authorized.)

3. Visa issues

If the visitor is not a U.S. citizen, e-mail him well beforehand about what paperwork is needed.  Here are details on some of the cases.

1. F1 visa (student visa): We can reimburse the student directly if the student gets an authorization letter from his or her department chair. Here are instructions that you can edit and e-mail to the student:

For reimbursement purposes, Notre Dame requires that you get a letter from the chair of your department with the following text: "I am aware and approve of Fred Smith's invited visit to the Mathematics Department, University of Notre Dame on April 1, 2065. During his stay it is my understanding that Smith will be collaborating with Profs. Cholak and Knight, and will also be giving a talk at the department's Logic Seminar. I approve of Smith's reimbursement of lodging expenses and travel expenses to and from Notre Dame." The letter should be on department letterhead and signed by the chair. Please bring the letter with you when you come to Notre Dame. Also, we will need to photocopy your passport, visa, I-20 and I-94 forms while you are here.

In the past, an authorization letter from a vice-chair for graduate affairs has been sufficient. Usually, the student can get the authorization letter without a formal invitation letter from us; if the student actually needs a formal invitation letter, you can ask Patti to e-mail one.

2. J1-visa: A J1 visa holder needs a formal letter of invitation from us so that he can get an authorization letter from the office that sponsors his visa. After you have submitted the green sheet, tell Patti that you are inviting a J1 holder and ask her to e-mail an invitation letter. She will edit an old letter to tailor it for the current situation. Here is a sample letter.

Prof. Smith, I would like to invite you to visit the Mathematics Department from February 16-17, 2005. During your stay it is my understanding that you will be collaborating with Profs. Julia Kight and Peter Cholak. Your lodging and travel expenses while visiting the department will be paid for by Prof Cholak's RTG account. Prof. Knight mentioned that you are on a J1 visa from the University of Illinois. For reimbursement purposes we will need a letter from the issuing institution verifying that they are aware of your visit to Notre Dame and that they allow you to be reimbursed your expenses which will total approximately $231.32 (391.40 miles @ .405 per mile ($158.52) and lodging at the Jamison Inn is $72.80 for the one night equaling $231.32). (The actual number will depend on the visitor and visit.) If you do not obtain this letter, reimbursement cannot be honored. Sincerely,

UIUC and perhaps some other universities require an expense estimate in the invitation letter. If you know beforehand that the speaker will need an estimate, tell Patti when you ask for the letter.

Here are instructions you can e-mail to the speaker:

In order to process your reimbursement, we need an authorization letter from the office at your university that handles your visa. We will e-mail you an invitation letter with instructions. You can present this invitation letter when you ask for the authorization letter. Please bring the authorization letter with you when you come to Notre Dame. We will also need to photocopy your passport, visa, DS-2019 form and I-94 card when you are here.

3. Receipts

If your visitor is flying, remind him to get a receipt from the airline when he checks in. Unlike most other universities, Notre Dame will not reimburse on the basis of an e-ticket alone. Here is the policy:

Notre Dame's requirements for expense reimbursements are: Original receipts for everything being reimbursed: airfare*, bus fare, gas, tolls, rental car, hotel, food, etc. *Airfare: They will need TWO out of the three following items: (i) Online/e-mail printout (ii) Copy of the credit card statement, if you paid this way (iii) Passenger receipt (available upon request when checking in at the airport) Boarding passes do not count as documentation because they don't contain information about the payment.

Everything goes smoothly when the visitor remembers to get a receipt and thus can submit an e-ticket plus a receipt. Otherwise, we have to make the intrusive request of a credit card statement.

4. Abstract and Title

Tell the speaker: "in order to properly publicize your talk, we need an abstract and title about a week before." Send an announcement with the title and abstract to the mailing list, ideally on the Friday before. (Don't send the e-mail announcement much earlier, since people will get confused which seminar is happening which week.) As soon as you have the title and abstract (even weeks before), submit the electronic Seminar Submission Form with the seminar name (i.e. Logic Seminar), date, time, location, speaker name, institutional affiliation, title and abstract. You must submit this form before the Monday morning before the seminar if you want the seminar to be in the weekly departmental announcement. In most cases, they can handle abstracts in TeX but be sure to leave all of the necessary TeX coding in place (i.e. $'s and etc.).  Please add the abstract and title to the Google logic calendar. We are using the Google calendar to track all our activities.

5. Check-in

When the visitor arrives, take him or her to see Patti. She will review the green sheet and collect any necessary information from the visitor. (If anything is missing, she will provide the visitor with an envelope in which to send the missing documents at a later date.) Patti will also assign the visitor to an office, if appropriate and available.