Andrew Putman


Ph.D in Mathematics, University of Chicago. 2007
B.A. in Mathematics, Rice University. 2002

Email: andyp@nd.edu
Office: 279 Hurley Hall
Phone: (574) 631-9585
Fax: (574) 631-6579

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Research Interests

My research focuses on geometric and topological properties of infinite groups.  I am particularly interested in mapping class groups of surfaces, automorphism groups of free groups, and lattices in semisimple Lie groups.  These groups lie at the juncture of a tremendous number of different areas of research and can be studied using a wide range of tools.  My past work has used ideas and techniques from geometric group theory, algebraic topology, hyperbolic geometry, combinatorial group theory, number theory, algebraic geometry, and representation theory.

Selected Publications

  • T. Church, A. Putman, The codimension-one cohomology of SL(n,Z), to appear in Geom. Topol.
  • T. Brendle, D. Margalit, A. Putman, Generators for the hyperelliptic Torelli group and the kernel of the Burau representation at t=-1, Invent. Math. 200 (2015), no. 1, 263-310.
  • A. Putman,  Stability in the homology of congruence subgroups, Invent. Math. 202 (2015), no. 3, 987-1027.
  • T. Church, A. Putman, Generating the Johnson filtration, Geom. Topol. 19 (2015) 2217–2255.
  • A. Putman, The Picard group of the moduli space of curves with level structures, Duke Math. J. 161 (2012), no. 4, 623–674.

Please direct questions and comments to: andyp@nd.edu