2018 Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Graduate School Award

April 11, 2018 • Categories: Awards and Announcements

Leandro Lichtenfelz

Leandro Lichtenfelz is the 2018 Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Graduate School Award recipient in the Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. The Shaheen Award recognizes one outstanding graduate student from each of the four divisions of the Graduate School, acknowledging excellence in one or more of the following areas: grades, research, publications, fellowships or other awards, teaching, and mentoring.…

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Awards

April 03, 2018 • Categories: Awards and Announcements

Caitlyn Booms and Michael Foley

Notre Dame seniors Caitlyn Booms (honors math) and Michael Foley (physics and math) have been awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships for next year. Booms intends to pursue graduate study in mathematics and Foley in astrophysics.

Hari Rau Murthy

Goldwater Scholarship 2018

April 02, 2018 • Categories: Awards and Announcements


Matthew Schoenbauer

Katie Gallagher








Junior Katherine Gallagher and Sophomore Matthew Schoenbauer have both been awarded Goldwater Scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year. This year's 211 Goldwater Scholars were selected based on academic merit from a field of 1,280 natural sciences, mathematics and engineering students from over 2,000 colleges and universities worldwide. For more information see

Anand Pillay: Honorary Doctoral Degree

March 20, 2018 • Categories: Announcements

Anand Pillay

Anand Pillay, the Hank Family Professor of Mathematics at Notre Dame, has been chosen to receive an honorary doctoral degree from Waterloo University's Division of Mathematics on June 15.  Pillay is a mathematician logician specializing in model theory and has written over two hundred articles with dozens of collaborators. The Division of Mathematics at Waterloo, spanning four departments and the school of computer science, represents one of the world's largest and most distinguished concentration of mathematicians.

Flipping the Classroom

February 07, 2018 • Categories: Announcements


An experiment with flipped classrooms – video lecture viewing for homework and group problem-solving in class-in lower-level mathematics classes has heightened student engagement and learning. Enabled by new technologies, including a Lightboard that facilitates recording lecture, the strategy makes teachers’ expertise available to students when they need it most. Group work ensures positive peer pressure to complete before-class assignments, builds knowledge as they teach each other, and develops leadership.…

Bruce Williams

February 05, 2018 • Categories: Announcements

Bruce Williams

On January 11, 2018 the Department lost a vibrant friend and colleague when Bruce Williams passed away. He came to the Department in the fall of 1975 and remained a valued member until his promotion to Emeritus in the spring of 2015 due to declining health. Even then he came to talks whenever possible and was eager to talk about the Department with anyone who visited. Throughout his time here he worked tirelessly to advance the Department's standing in the College, the University and the world. He was first and foremost a topologist but he had a broad range of mathematical interests which only seemed to increase as his health failed. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Glynn Family Honors Collegiate Professor of Mathematics

February 02, 2018 • Categories: Announcements

Claudia Polini

Claudia Polini has been appointed the Glynn Family Honors Collegiate Professor of Mathematics for a three-year term.  In this capacity, she will oversee and help teach the freshman Glynn Math Sequence offered every year by the department.  Dr. Polini is highly accomplished as both a researcher in commutative algebra and a teacher at all levels.  She currently serves also as the director for the Center of Mathematics at Notre Dame…

CMND Hosts 1000th Conference Participant

December 04, 2017 • Categories: Announcements

Cmnd16 Conf Pic

The Center for Math at ND sponsored its seventh annual thematic program this summer.  Collectively, these conferences have welcomed to campus over 1000 participants whose home institutions are spread across 34 countries, 43 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  Congratulations and thank you to center director Claudia Polini, center administrator Lisa Driver and to all the organizers of the thematic programs.…

Brian Hall: Science Exploration Series

November 09, 2017 • Categories: Announcements

Penrose Tiles

Title: Forbidden Symmetries, Penrose Tiles, and the Nobel Prize

Professor Brian Hall gave a lecture for the Science Exploration Series before the Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame game on Saturday, November 4, 2017. The talk was held in the Jordan Hall of Science with 75 students, faculty, as well as game day visitors.…

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