Doctorates Awarded




Dissertation Title






Gejji, Richard       Mark Alber   National Security Agency
Sunyeekhan, Gun       E. Bruce Williams   Instructor, Kasetsart University, Thailand



Hannah-Schlotthauer, Heather       Alex Himonas    Math Instructor at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School
Olson, Erika       Alex Himonas   Webster Law Office, PLLC


Balreira, Eduardo Cabral   "Detecting Invertibility from the Topology of the Pre-images of Hyperplanes"   Frederico Xavier   Assistant Professor at Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
Bates, Daniel   "Theory and Applications in Numerical Algebraic Geometry"   Andrew Sommese   Tenure Track at Colorado State University
Dumitrescu, Florin   "Superconnections and Super Parallel Transport"   Stephan Stolz   Post Doc at Penn State
Hutchinson, Ryan   "Generic Properties of Concolutional Codes"   Joachim Rosenthal   Tenure Track at Bemidji State, Minnesota
Interlando, Jose Carmelo   "Toward a theory of one-way functions via gate complexity of boolean functions"   Joachim Rosenthal   Tenure Track at San Diego State
Kelley, Christine   "Pseudocodewords, Expander Graphs and the Algebraic Construction of Low-density Parity-check   Joachim Rosenthal   Post Doc at Fields Institute, Canada
Lu, Ye   "Finding all Real Solutions of Polynomial Systems"   Andrew Sommese   Postdoc MIT (and PhD at MIT)
Redden, D. Corbett   "Canonical Metric Connections Associated to String Structures"   Stephan Stolz   Post Doc at Stony Brook University, New York


Bergner, Julia   "Three models for the homotopy theory of homotopy theories "   William Dwyer   Asst. Prof. at University of California at Riverside.
Calvert, Wesley   "Algebraic structure and computable structure"   Julia Knight   Assistant Professor, Mathematics at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Heidenreich, Jacob   "Stability theory modulo a predicate"   Steven Buechler   Associate Professor at Loras College, Iowa
Hubbard, Keith   "The notion of vertex operator coalgebra:  A construction and geometric charachterization"   Katrina Barron   Associate Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas
Jackson, Daniel   "Birational maps of surfaces with invariant curves"   Jeffrey Diller   Assistant Professor at University of Maine
Maican, Mario   "Vector bundles of finite order on affine manifolds"   Pit-Mann Wong   Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California, Riverside
Markert, Elke   "Connective 1-dimensional euclidean field theories"   Stephan Stolz   Post Doc at Simons Center for Systems Biology at Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton (IAS)


Coufal, Vesta   A Family Version of Lefschetz-Nielsen Fixed Point Theory   Bruce Williams   Assiciate Professor, Gonzaga University
Dekker, Michael   A new Proof of the Bordism Invariance of the Index   Stephan Stolz   F03 Assistant Professor tenure track at Ferris State
Gorla, Elisa   Lifting properties from the general hyperplane section of a projective scheme   Juan Migliore   PostDoc at the University of Zurich until spring 2009.  Fall 2009, (6 years) Swiss NSF Professorship at the University of Basel.
Gorsky, Jennifer   On the Cauchy problem for a KdV-type equation on the circle   Alexander Himonas   Assistant Professor tenure track at the University of San Diego
Han, Guangyue   Space Time Coding with Multiple Antenna Systems   Joachim Rosenthal   PostDoc (2 years) at the University of British Columbia
Harrington, Phillip   Conpactness and Subellipticity for the -Neumann Problem on Domains with Minimal Smoothness   Mei-Chi Shaw   Associate Professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Kiskowski-Byrne, Maria (Audi)   Discrete Stochastic Models for Morphological Pattern Formation in Biology   Mark Alber   PostDoc (Assistant Research Professor) at Vanderbilt University
Tiglay, Feride   The Cauchy Problem for Two Nonlinear Evolution Equations   Gerard Misiolek   Purdue University
Vajiac, Mihaela (MSAM)       Mark Alber   Lecturer at the Indiana University of South Bend
Mouktonglang, Thanasak   Numerical implementations of a class of infinite-dimensional primal-dual algorithms and control applications   Leonid Faybusovich   PostDoc at the University of Notre Dame
Weber, Rebecca   A definable relation between c.e. sets and ideals   Peter Cholak   Designer/Proprietor at


Byers, Peter   The initial value problem for a KDV-type equation and a related bilinear estimate   Alexander Himonas   Post-Doc at the University of Notre Dame
Chernysh, Vlad            
Maze, Gerard   Algebraic Methods for Constructing One-Way Trapdoor Functions   Joachim Rosenthal   Post-Doc at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


Berenstein, Alexander Jonathan   Dependence relations on homogeneous groups and homogeneous expansions of Hilbert spaces.   Steven Buechler   Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Buckles, Mark   Homogeneous schemes of fat points in the projective plane with the points in general position.  

Juan Migliore
Karen Chandler

  Associate Professor at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma
Chen, Yu   The Embedding Theorem of Generalized Verma Modules and its Applications   Matthew Dyer   Assistant Professor (tenure track), at Idaho State University
Lesperance, Joshua Paul   Gorenstein Liaison of Curves in P2   Juan Migliore   Visiting Assistant Professor,
Hamilton College, New York
Monico, Christopher J.   Semirings and Semigroups Acitons in Public-Key Cryptography   Joachim Rosenthal   Associate Professor at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics


Smarandache, Roxana   Algebraic constructions of convolutional codes   Joachim Rosenthal   Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame
Vassiliev, Evgueni   Expansions of Rank 1 Structures   Steven Buechler   Associate Professor, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Arana (Jager), Rebekah   A Jordan Algebraic Approach to primal-dual Algorithms and an exterior point algorithm for linear programming.   Leonid Faybusovich   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Badzioch, Bernard   Algebraic Theories in Homotopy Theory   Bill Dwyer   John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Brown, Karen   Extensions of "Thickened" Verma Modules of the Virasoro Algebra   Matthew Dyer   Visiting Assistant Professor, Grand Valley University, Michigan
McCoy, Charles   Relativization, Categoricity, and Dimension   Peter Cholak
Julia Knight

VanVleck/VIGRE Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin

Miller, Charles   New types of soliton solutions in nonlinear evolution equations   Mark Alber   National Security Agency, Fort Mead Md Cryptologician


Allen, Brian   Linear Systems Analysis and Decoding of Convolutional Codes   Joachim Rosenthal   National Security Agency
Hoover, Colleen   A Transfer Theorem for Some Superstable Theories with Few Countable Models   Steve Buechler   Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN
Kodokostas, Dimitrios   Knot exterior embeddings in B4, and sliceness of Alexander polynomial 1 knots   Larry Taylor   Military Service
Lazarovici, Laurentiu   Elliptic sectors in surface theory and the Caratheodory-Loewner conjectures   Brian Smyth   Max Planck (Germany)
Walk, Stephen   Toward the Definability of the Array Noncomputable Degrees   Peter Cholak   Saint Cloud State University


Anton, Marian   On a Conjecture of Quillen   Bill Dwyer  

Post Doc at Notre Dame 1998-1999
Max-Planck-Institut fur Mathematik (2000) 2002-2003 Tenure Track

Dorabiala, Wojciech   On Two Parabolic Systems: Convergence and Blowup   Frank Connolly   Post Doc at Notre Dame 1998-1999
Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University - Fall of 2000
Feher, Laszlo   Eta Invariant and Concordance Classes of Positive Scalar Curvature Metrics   Stephan Stolz   Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Eotvos University (Hungary)
Huang, Yamin   On Two Parabolic Systems: Convergence and Blowup   Bei Hu   University of Chicago/Theology
Strounine, Alexei   Homology Decompositions for Classifying Spaces of Compact Lie Groups   Bill Dwyer   10/99 Bank in Richmond VA
10/02 Consulting Business, S&T Technologies
Weiner, Paul   Multidimensional Convolutional Codes   Joachim Rosenthal   Associate Professor (with tenure) at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota


Jung, Eun-Kyoung
  Holomorphic Curves in Projective Varieties   Pit-Mann Wong    

McAllister, Alex


  Computability in Structures Representing a Scott Set   Julia Knight   Visiting Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

Vajiac, Bogdan

  An End Theorem for Stratified Spaces   Frank Connolly   Max Zorn Assistant Professor at Indiana University of Bloomington

Vassiliadou, Sophia



  Homotopy formulas for and subelliptic estimates for the -Neumann problem   Mei-Chi Shaw   Tenure-track Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, Maryland.

York, Eric



  Algebraic Description and Construction of Error Correcting Codes, a Systems Theory Point of View   Joachim Rosenthal   National Security Agency


Biewer, David   Blowup Rate of the Solution of a General Parabolic Equation with a Nonlinear Bound   Pillay   Visiting Assistant Marshall Univ. Current: Actuary for Fireman's Fund in Novato, CA
Byun, Yanghyun   The Unstable Tangent Fibration of a Poincare Complex   Frank Connolly   Returned to Korea
DiRocco, Sandra   On Higher Order Embeddings of Surfaces   Andrew Sommese   Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
Kamath, Padmini K.   Unstable Normal Maps on an Open Manifold without Boundary   Bruce Williams    
Kim, Byunghan   Simple First Order Theories   Julia Knight   Moore Instructorship at MIT, Assistant Professor
Kim, Meeyoung   Theorem for Branched Coverings of Homogeneous Spaces   Andrew Sommese   Fellowship at Michigan State University
Michalski, Grzegorz   On Foundations of Recursion Theory   Julia Knight   Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern Morris College
Sanderson, John   Curvature Properties of Intrinsic Metrics   Pit-Mann Wong   St. Thomas University, St. Paul - Adjunct Professor
Wraith, David   Exotic Spheres with Positive Ricci Curvature   Stephan Stolz   Trinity College, Ireland